TOMI MALM – Walkin’ On Air (2017)

TOMI MALM - Walkin' On Air (2017) full exclusive

For AOR / Westcoast fans over there there’s awesome news from specialized label Contante & Sonante: the highly anticipated debut album from producer, arranger & songwriter TOMI MALM, titled “Walkin’ On Air“.
Malm hails from – yes, of course, Scandinavia – particularly Finland, and his name caught international attention with the now-classic release of ‘Fly Away: The Songs Of David Foster’. Tomi arranged and produced a number of David Foster’s classics on Fly Away. He showed such creativity and freshness on these recordings that he gained high praise and blessings from “The Hitman” David Foster himself.

Now 2017 TOMI MALM returns with “Walkin’ On Air”, his debut solo album, another stunning ride on AOR music’s most elegant grooves. On this collection of winning tracks, the Finnish wizard wrote or co-wrote all but two of the songs.

Malm’s inventive arrangements and top-notch production is brought to life thanks to the usual ace session roster that includes legends like Vinnie Colaiuta (Asia, Joe Satriani), John “JR” Robinson (Richard Marx, Kenny Loggins) and Simon Phillips (Toto, The Corrs, Peter Gabriel) on drums, Neil Stubenhaus (Pages, Michael McDonald, Dakota), Jason Scheff (Chicago) on bass, Robbie Buchanan (Michael Bolton, Maxus) on keyboards, Luis Conte (Eric Clapton) on percussion, and many more.
Vocalists are terrific as well, including Scandinavian Westcoast legend Frank Adahl, Chicago’s Jason Scheff, Clif Magness, and more.

From the first track, an evocative instrumental called “Kuwakaribisha,” listeners will be enraptured by a musical world of astounding beauty. “Favor,” sung by cowriter Frank Adahl, has a definite upbeat Chicago feel rhythmically, while ‘When You’re Gone’, sung by Julian Thomas, is a simple yet powerful ballad with a nice atmostphere. Thomas’ soulful delivery is enhanced by sparse electric and acoustic guitars, with a touch of piano. The song’s powerful message is only enhanced by Tomi Malm’s production acumen.

TOMI MALM - Walkin' On Air (2017) disc

Title track ‘Walkin’ On Air’ is no less intriguing, and seems destined to become a classic in West Coast circles. The line-up is stellar; former Chicago bass master Jason Scheff both on 1-strings & vocals make a welcome return, wonderfully complemented by Colaiuta’s rhythm machine and Malm’s uplifting keyboard melody.

For ‘Show Me A Sign’, Malm used a vocal track recorded many years ago by the late Warren Wiebe, and rearranged the song composed by Hank Easton with wonderful results. A must for West Coast aficionados.
‘Perfect Imperfection’ harkens to an earlier era of fine ’80s songcraft. The smooth soul ballad, sung by another WestCoast legend; Jeff Pescetto, has a strong hook to match its tender lyrics.
‘You Belong To Me’ continues the romantic theme. Clif Magness awesome vocals helps the song build on this foundation, but guitarist Dan Warner provides a touch of fire to help the ballad reach the next level.

Shem Von Schroeck, band leader for Kenny Loggins and bassist for Toto, gets the opportunity its to show off his considerable vocal talent on “Wouldn’t It Be Kinder.” This track actually has a late-’80s Loggins feel, with its soaring chorus and equally soaring James Harrah guitar solos.
The Jeremy Lubbock-penned ‘Reason to Smile’ is smooth poppy L.A. ballad. This Rhodes-driven song benefits from the simplicity of the production, and Julian Thomas’ vocal.
By the time you reach the album-closing ‘Today’, Tomi Malm has brought us full circle. The song is a tight and touching ballad, which leaves the listener truly Walkin’ on Air.

TOMI MALM - Walkin' On Air (2017) back

Tomi Malm’s “Walkin’ On Air” is one of 2017’s audio treats.
Where else can you combine Malm’s soulful AOR songwriting, West Coast-level production and the creme de la creme of players. Malm, the principal composer, keyboardist and ring-leader, leads this all-star group of players through an inviting, well-crafted and inspired group of songs.
Make no mistake, one of the Top 10 West Coast AOR albums of the year.

You’ve seen it first here, at 0dayrox

01 – Kuwakaribisha
02 – Favor (feat. Frank Adahl)
03 – When You’re Gone (feat. Julian Thomas)
04 – Walkin’ on Air (feat. Jason Scheff)
05 – Show Me a Sign (feat. Warren Wiebe & Zosia)
06 – Perfect Imperfection (feat. Jeff Pescetto)
07 – Still Life – Interlude –
08 – Wouldn’t It Be Kinder (feat. Shem Von Schroeck)
09 – Let’s Get to It (feat. Jerry Lopez)
10 – A Reason to Smile (feat. Julian Thomas)
11 – You Belong to Me (feat. Clif Magness)
12 – Today (feat. Ashton Moran)

1. Kuwakaribisha
Bass – Jose Manuel Posada “Popo”
Drums – Olli Estola
Guitar – Lolo Alvarez, Tomi Malm
Keyboards – Tomi Malm
Percussion – Luis Conte
Written-By – Tomi Malm

2. Favor
Backing Vocals – Frank Ådahl, Tomi Malm, ZoSia
Bass – Alex Al
Drums – Simon Phillips
Guitar – Porty, Tomi Malm
Keyboards – Tomi Malm
Lead Vocals – Frank Ådahl
Written-By – Frank Ådahl, Tomi Malm

3. When You’re Gone
Guitar – Dan Warner
Keyboards – Tomi Malm
Lead Vocals – Julian Thomas
Written-By – Cecily Gardner, Tomi Malm

4. Walkin’ On Air
Alto Saxophone – Eric Marienthal
Backing Vocals – Bjarne Langhoff, Jason Scheff, Tomi Malm
Bass – Jason Scheff
Drums – Vinnie Colaiuta
Guitar – Dan Warner
Horns – Eric Marienthal, Mattias Lejdal, Patrik Eriksson
Keyboards – Tomi Malm
Lead Vocals – Jason Scheff
Written-By – Jackie Kavan, Tomi Malm

5. Show Me A Sign
Alto Saxophone – Eric Marienthal
Backing Vocals – ZoSia
Bass – Lars-Erik Dahle
Drums – Lars Daugaard
Guitar – Bernt Rune Stray
Keyboards – Tomi Malm
Lead Vocals – Warren Wiebe, ZoSia
Written-By – Hank Easton

6. Perfect Imperfection
Alto Saxophone – Brandon Fields
Backing Vocals – Jeff Pescetto, Tomi Malm, ZoSia
Bass – Neil Stubenhaus
Drums – John Robinson
Flugelhorn – Patrik Eriksson
Guitar – Bernt Rune Stray
Keyboards – Robbie Buchanan, Tomi Malm
Lead Vocals – Jeff Pescetto
Written-By – Jackie Kavan, Tomi Malm

7. Still Life (Interlude)
Backing Vocals – Gabriel Raya, Tomi Malm
Guitar – Tomi Malm
Keyboards – Tomi Malm
Written-By – Tomi Malm

8. Wouldn’t It Be Kinder
Backing Vocals – Shem Von Schroeck, Tomi Malm
Bass – Lars-Erik Dahle
Drums – Ruben Dalen
Guitar – James Harrah
Keyboards – Tomi Malm
Lead Vocals – Shem Von Schroeck
Written-By – Cecily Gardner, Tomi Malm

9. Let’s Get To It
Bass – Jose Manuel Posada “Popo”
Drums – Jarmo Valmari
Guitar – James Harrah, Jerry Lopez
Alto Saxophone – Eric Marienthal
Backing Vocals – Jerry Lopez, Tomi Malm
Horns – Danny Falcone, Eric Tewalt, Gil Kaupp
Keyboards – Tomi Malm
Lead Vocals – Jerry Lopez
Written-By – Jerry Lopez, Tomi Malm

10. A Reason To Smile
Keyboards – Eirik Berge, Tomi Malm
Lead Vocals – Julian Thomas
Written-By – Jeremy Lubbock

11. You Belong To Me
Backing Vocals – Bjarne Langhoff, Clif Magness, Tomi Malm
Bass – Allan Nagel
Drums – Lars Daugaard
Guitar – Dan Warner
Keyboards – Tomi Malm
Lead Vocals – Clif Magness
Percussion – Lars Daugaard
Written-By – Jeri Lynne, Tomi Malm

12. Today
Backing Vocals – Ashton Moran, Tomi Malm
Guitar – Tomi Malm
Keyboards – Tomi Malm
Lead Vocals – Ashton Moran
Written-By – Jyrki Manninen, Tomi Malm


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