EROTIC PSYCHO – The Lost Boyz (2018)

EROTIC PSYCHO - The Lost Boyz (2018) full

After one EP distributed both in Europe and America, sleazy hard rockers EROTIC PSYCHO are releasing their full length debut “The Lost Boyz“. Although based in Spain, Erotic Psycho seems escaped from the late ’80s LA Sunset Strip.

The music of EROTIC PSYCHO reminds you of all that era, they have not invented anything here, and they don’t need to.
Sleazy Rock does not allow experiments, leave them for more technical, complex genres. All you need is sharp riffs, melodic verses, gang choruses and a party vibe. But you must to do it well.

EROTIC PSYCHO succeed for the most part; Nando Saints has that nasal voice akin a young Vince Neil, the riffs rock, there’s some explosive solos and a ‘let’s party’ attitude.
You get a straight rocker in ‘Mainstream Wh@re’, more heaviness in ‘Lost Boyz’ (that ‘z’ says it all) a song designed to be played live, and an unavoidable Motley Crue feel on ‘Hot Gun Killer’.

Songs like ‘The Only Way Is Down’, ‘Sweet Suicide the explicit ‘Squirt Baby Squirt’ (one of the best songs on the CD), follow the ’80s formula but with varied riffs and dynamic rhythms, never turning tedious and keeping the ‘fun factor’ high.

‘Stinky Boy Blues’ is special for a stripper bar, midtempo ‘We’ll Go Wild’ adds a touch of commercialism with its poppy chorus, and the closest you get to a ballad comes with the melodic ‘Suite In Hell’.
They end this 10-track disc (as all sleazy albums shoulda) with the scorcher
‘Rock ‘N’ Roll Is Not Dead (You Are)’, plenty of attitude.

EROTIC PSYCHO - The Lost Boyz (2018) inside

EROTIC PSYCHO takes the classic influences from the sleazy / glam metal golden era and utilizes them at their own way.
“The Lost Boyz” is true album in this genre, with the good and the bad of it, but you can’t deny these guys know what this is all about.
If you’re looking for that old school late ’80s / early ’90s sleazy glam-ish party rock yet with a lot of bite and wild attitude, look no further than this 4-piece.
A very recommended record for all fans of the Sunset Strip sound.

01. Mainstream Whore
02. Lost Boyz
03. Hot Gun Killer
04. The Only Way Is Down
05. Sweet Suicide
06. Squirt Baby Squirt
07. Stinky Boy Blues
08. We’ll Go Wild
09. Suite In Hell
10. Rock ‘N’ Roll Is Not Dead (You Are)

Nando Saints – vocals
Jay Martino – guitar
Lokki Sixx – bass guitar
Frost Moore – drums


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