BEYOND THE BLACK – Heart Of The Hurricane [Ltd. Digipak +2] (2018)

BEYOND THE BLACK - Heart Of The Hurricane [Ltd. Digipak +2] full

We have featured here Germany’s BEYOND THE BLACK previous work, now they are ready to catapult themselves, with full force, into the “Heart Of The Hurricane“, their new album to be released on August 31st, in this Limited Digipak edition including 2 extra tracks.

BEYOND THE BLACK is a quite unique combo. They have played with so dissimilar artists from classic metallers Saxon, to Dutch symphonic metal masters Epica, traditional hard rockers Scorpions, and more.
And while the band is being sold as ‘sympho melodic metal’, in fact it has many elements from these mentioned acts, and more.

“Heart Of The Hurricane” is the first album with a reworked lineup for the German crew; this has gained criticism, even from their most die-hard fans.
So, the band had a challenge on their hands to deliver a record of quality, and it is more than safe to say that they have achieved a triumphant victory here.

The album gets off to a solid start with opener ‘Hysteria’ and the title track. From these two songs you can hear the sheer power and passion behind Jennifer Haben’s vocal work.
Both of these tracks sound different from the other yet they both have the same power and punch. A more than worthy way to get the album started and to provide the listeners a small glimpse of what is to be bestowed.

This is one of those albums where choosing a couple of highlight tracks is a tricky feat. Each song on the record has BEYOND THE BLACK offers something unique, it will be difficult to pick a favorite.
The first thing that will attract listeners to the song ‘Through The Mirror’ is the beautiful stripped-down intro with a piano combining beautifully with Haben‘s vocals. This transitions into a powerful, passionate chorus that will make hair stand on end and send shivers throughout. This is a song that tugs at the heartstrings and will entice the listener to grab the air.

‘Song For The Godless’ will attract a variety of listeners. The beautiful and atmospheric medieval vibes set a haunting tone to the song. With its charming melody and powerful chorus, this song a favorite of mine. It gives off a sense of freedom and liberty that most people crave these days. If you need an escape for a few minutes, ‘Song For The Godless’ will do that.

BEYOND THE BLACK - Heart Of The Hurricane [Ltd. Digipak +2] (2018) inside

‘My God Is Dead’ will leave mouths hanging open and listeners taken aback by the sheer power. It’s starts off softly with an acoustic guitar, a piano and Haben’s vocals; the perfect set up for a stripped-down ballad, right? Don’t be fooled. There is a such a great twist in the song that will do more than catch listeners off guard. That’s all that will be revealed here, you will have to listen to the album to find out more.

From start to finish, “Heart Of The Hurricane” shows BEYOND THE BLACK developing even more their sound, delivering an effective and cohesive product.
There’s melodic midtempos, some rapid sympho passages, atmospheric ballads, hard rocking riffs, all wrapped by a pristine production – perhaps too much clinical – and crystal clear vocal arrangements.
Strongly Recommended


01 – Hysteria
02 – Heart Of The Hurricane
03 – Through The Mirror
04 – Million Lightyears
05 – Song For The Godless
06 – Escape From The Earth
07 – Beneath A Blackened Sky
08 – Fairytale Of Doom
09 – My God Is Dead
10 – Dear Death
11 – Scream For Me
12 – Freedom
13 – Breeze
14 – Echo From The Past [Bonus Track]
15 – Parade [Bonus Track]

Jennifer Haben – Lead Vocals
Stefan Herkenhoff – Bass
Kai Tschierschky – Drums
Christian Hermsdörfer – Guitars, Vocals
Tobi Lodes – Guitars, Vocals
Jonas Roßner – Keyboards, Vocals



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