PRETTY MAIDS – Sin-Decade [Japan Blu-Spec CD2 remastered] (2018)

PRETTY MAIDS - Sin-Decade [Japan Blu-Spec CD2 remastered] (2018) full

Sony Music Japan just started a fantastic series of PRETTY MAIDS albums for the first time remastered and pressed on High Quality Blu-spec CD2 format. “Sin-Decade” is the fourth studio album by the Danish melodic hard rock legendary band, now in all its glory with this superb sonic treatment.

After the Maid’s previous album Jump The Gun (1990), bassist Allan Delong, keyboard player Alan Owen and drummer Phil More left the group by late 1990, leaving only singer Ronnie Atkins and guitarist Ken Hammer.
The two remaining members began writing songs for a new LP, this time with ‘full creative control’ according to Atkins. Due to the tumultuous situation around the band, Atkins and Hammer wrote ‘aggressive and heavy’ songs.

According to Atkins, the band decided to work with Danish producer Flemming Rasmussen (Metallica) to provide a more punchy sound to “Sin-Decade”.
To complete the band’s line-up, Atkins and Hammer recruited drummer Michael Fast and bass guitar player Kenn Jackson.

“Sin-Decade” is hard rock, melodic, but darn wonderfully edgy.
Racing opener ‘Running Out’ puts you from the start in a really headbanging mood, with killer sharp guitar riffs, a monster rumbling bass sound – now full appreciated with this stupendous remastering – and top vocals.
From there, we’re on a treat for terrific hard n’ heavy rockers which include the excellent title track, ‘Come On Tough, Come On Nasty’, the hymn ‘Raise Your Flag’, the catchy ‘Credit Card Lover’, ‘Healing Touch’ and the ripping ‘In The Flesh’.
‘Know It Ain’t Easy’ is a fantastic midtempo melodic cut, driven by a slow burning groove done with style… a Pretty Maids trademark tune.

And for the end we find the absolutely stunning cover of Thin Lizzy’s, Sykes / Lynott’s written ‘Please Don’t Leave Me’. The ballad was recorded as a tribute to Phil Lynott, and since then has become one of Pretty Maids’ signature songs.
Throughout the years Lynott and the wealth of music Lizzy recorded has been a vital influence on the Pretty Maids. The evidence rings true in the music laid down by the Danish rockers from day one.
Pretty Maids version of ‘Please Don’t Leave Me’ is one of the greatest melodic hard rock ballads ever, and worth this CD alone.

PRETTY MAIDS - Sin-Decade [Japan Blu-Spec CD2 remastered] (2018) back

“Sin-Decade” is a killer record, and while Pretty Maids faced line-up changes here, the greatness of Ronnie Atkins’ amazing voice and the fabulous guitar playing by Ken Hammer are intact, as well as their songwriting gusto. The two new members really improves the band’s skills, and all feels locked and oiled.
This Japanese remastered reissue sounds heavenly pristine, punchy, and blows out of the water any other previous reissue of this kick @ss record.
Don’t miss out on this.
HIGHLY Recommended

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Sony Music Japan【SICP-31225】

01 – Running out
02 – Who said money
03 – Nightmare in the neighbourhood
04 – Sin-Decade
05 – Come on tough, come on nasty
06 – Raise your flag
07 – Credit card lover
08 – Know it ain’t easy
09 – Healing touch
10 – In the flesh
11 – Please don’t leave me

Ronnie Atkins – lead vocals
Ken Hammer – guitar
Michael Fast – drums
Kenn Jackson – bass
Alan Owen, Dominic Gale – keyboards
Additional musician:
Knud Lindhard – backing vocals


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