Mickey Ratt feat. STEPHEN PEARCY – Ratt Era; The Best Of [recalled / deleted version]

Mickey Ratt feat. STEPHEN PEARCY - Ratt Era; The Best Of [recalled / deleted version] full

Requested by one of you, here’s the hard to find, very first release of “Mickey Ratt feat. STEPHEN PEARCY – Ratt Era; The Best Of”, a project masterminded by Pearcy to re-record Ratt hits and early Mickey Ratt songs with stellar guests such as ex- Dokken George Lynch and LA Guns’ Tracii Guns to provide the guitar solos.
As quickly as it was put on the shelves, this release was almost immediately taken off due a legal mumbo jumbo by the other Ratt band members. Pearcy couldn’t use the double “T” anymore, so the album was re-released (with different artwork) as ‘Rat Attack – Round and Round Greatest Hits’.
This “Mickey Ratt feat. STEPHEN PEARCY – Ratt Era; The Best Of” has become then a collectors piece, quite expensive.

Before Ratt, there was Mickey Ratt, singer Stephen Pearcy first incarnation of the legendary, multi-platinum glam metal band.
In the early 80s, Mickey Ratt demoes several songs of hi-octane party rock that would lay the foundation upon Ratt fynatiy was built.

On the new versions in this collectors edition CD, Lynch & Tracii add even more gas to the fire on these never before officially released songs that would morph into the head banging anthems of the Ratt we know and love.
“Ratt Madness” never sounded better and “Top Secret” (both featuring lead guitar by George Lynch) stand out in the bunch.

Of course, first era Ratt hits are represented here as well: “Round and Round”, “Lovin’ You Is a Dirty Job”, “You’re In Love”, all are played in fine form.
I mean, the arrangements are not too dissimilar to the original recordings Crosby / DeMartini / Croucier / Blotzer lineup did back in the ’80s
However, the slightly beefier low-end combined with a cleaner overall sound throughout the spectrum is enough to justify the addition of this to your Ratt collection.

Mickey Ratt feat. STEPHEN PEARCY - Ratt Era; The Best Of [recalled / deleted version]

“Mickey Ratt feat. STEPHEN PEARCY – Ratt Era; The Best Of” is one of the best ‘re-recorded’ his release ever.
While the Mickey Ratt never were officially recorded before and worth this album alone, the Ratt re-recordings are darn fine as well, kickin’ & dynamic.
HIGHLY Recommended


01 – Round And Round (feat George Lynch)
02 – You Think You’re Tough
03 – U Got It
04 – Sweet Cheater
05 – Lack Of Communication
06 – Lay It Down (feat Tracii Guns)
07 – You’re In Love
08 – Back For More (feat Tracii Guns)
09 – Wanted Man
10 – Lovin’ You’s A Dirty Job
11 – Slip Of The Lip
12 – Body Talk
13 – I’m Insane (feat George Lynch)
14 – Dr. Rock (feat George Lynch)
15 – Ratt Madness (feat George Lynch)
16 – Drivin’ On E (feat George Lynch)
17 – Top Secret (feat George Lynch)

Stephen Pearcy – lead and backing vocals, guitar
Matt Thorne, Troy Johnson – bass
Erik Ferentinos, Mark Zavon – guitars, backing vocals
Todd Roberson – drums
George Lynch – guitar solos
Tracii Guns – guitar solos



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