RATT – The Atlantic Years 1984-1990 [HNE / Cherry Red 5xCD Box + Bonus Tracks] (2020)

RATT - The Atlantic Years 1984-1990 [HNE / Cherry Red 5xCD Box + Bonus] (2020) full

RATT’s five-album output for Atlantic Records titled “The Atlantic Years 1984-1990” is being released as a CD box set by Cherry Red Records / HNE Recordings fully remastered. The collection, housed in a clamshell, includes several bonus tracks for each album.
If you haven’t discovered Ratt yet (I doubt), this Box is the place to start. Even if you have, this is a must for retiring your well played records.
This is far superior than the 5-disc set to be released by BMG on June 9, 2023, because it doesn’t include bonus tracks.

Taking inspiration from Aerosmith and Van Halen, Ratt originally formed in Hollywood in the mid-1970s, eventually releasing the independent ‘Dr. Rock’ single in 1980, before contributing a track to the highly influential “Metal Masacre” compilation in 1981, and their independently released, self-titled mini-album in 1983.
But Ratt finally made their mark when Stephen Pearcy (vocals), Robbin Crosby (guitar), Warren DeMartini (guitar), Juan Croucier (bass) and Bobby Blotzer (drums) signed to Atlantic Records in 1984 for the “Out Of The Cellar” LP.
Their tuneful hard rock found favour with both radio and on MTV, where clips for singles ‘Round And Round’ and ‘Back For More’ received heavy rotation. A big influence on the growing glam and hair metal scene based around LA’s Sunset Strip, “Out of The Cellar” would soon reach triple platinum status.
The radio edit of ‘Round And Round’ is included here as a bonus track.

In 1985, Ratt followed up their full length debut with “Invasion Of Your Privacy”. Produced by Beau Hill (Alice Cooper, Kix, Winger, Warrant, Fiona, Europe), and featuring the singles ‘Lay It Down’ and ‘You’re In Love’, Ratt’s popularity wasn’t confined to the States, as they would make fans as far afield as Japan, as well as inclusion on the UK’s legendary Monsters Of Rock festival in 1985, on a bill featuring ZZ Top, Marillion, Bon Jovi & Metallica.
“Invasion Of Your Privacy” would eventually make double platinum sales, and includes ‘What You Give Is What You Get’ (7” Single version) as a bonus track.

Not wasting any time, and again with Beau Hill at the helm, Ratt released “Dancing Undercover” in 1986. Lead single ‘Dance’ would make a healthy dent on the charts, as well as featuring in an episode of Miami Vice, whilst ‘Body Talk’ would be included on the soundtrack to Eddie Murphy’s “The Golden Child”.
A single edit of ‘Dance’ has been added to the album here.

Fourth album “Reach For The Sky” (1988) was the last album to be produced by Beau Hill, and was co-produced with Mike Stone (Queen).
Featuring the single ‘Way Cool Jr.’, “Reach ForThe Sky” racked up platinum sales, proving that Ratt could still reach the US top 20.
The MTV Unplugged version of ‘Way Cool Jr.’ is included into this box as a bonus track.

Their 5th record, 1990’s “Detonator”, was the last album released by Atlantic and the final record to feature the classic line-up.
Enlisting Jon Bon Jovi for backing vocals on ‘Heads I Win, Tails You Lose’, the abum is also notable for a number of co-writes with Desmond Child (KISS, Cher, Bon Jovi), as well as production from Sir Arthur Payson.
The tracks ‘Lovin’ You’s A Dirty Job’ and power ballad ‘Givin’ Yourself Away’ made healthy showings on the US Mainstream Rock Chart.
The ‘Ratt Fonic Monster Mix’ and ‘Ratt Fonic Radio Mix’ (quite different) of ‘Lovin’ You’s A Dirty Job’, plus ‘Nobody Rides For Free’ from the Point Break Soundtrack are included as bonus.
Highly Recommended


Disc 1 – Out of The Cellar (1984) +1
1. Wanted Man
2. You’re In Trouble
3. Round And Round
4. In Your Direction
5. She Wants Money
6. Lack Of Communication
7. Back For More
8. The Morning After
9. I’m Insane
10. Scene Of The Crime
11. Round And Round (Single 7” Edit)


Disc 2 – Invasion of Your Privacy (1985) +1
1. You’re In Love
2. Never Use Love
3. Lay It Down
4. Give It All
5. Closer To My Heart
6. Between The Eyes
7. What You Give Is What You Get
8. Got Me On The Line
9. You Should Know By Now
10. Dangerous But Worth The Risk
11. What You Give Is What You Get (7” version)


Disc 3 – Dancing Undercover (1986) +1
1. Dance
2. One Good Lover
3. Drive Me Crazy
4. Slip Of The Lip
5. Body Talk
6. Looking For Love
7. 7th Avenue
8. It Doesn’t Matter
9. Take A Chance
10. Enough Is Enough
11. Dance (7” version)


Disc 4 – Reach For The Sky (1988) +1
1. City To City
2. I Want A Woman
3. Way Cool Jr.
4. Don’t Bite The Hand That Feeds
5. I Want To Love You Tonight
6. Chain Reaction
7. No Surprise
8. Bottom Line
9. What’s It Gonna Be
10. What I’m After
11. Way Cool Jr. (MTV Unplugged)


Disc 5 – Detonator (1990) +3
1. Intro To Shame
2. Shame Shame Shame
3. Lovin’ You’s A Dirty Job
4. Scratch That Itch
5. One Step Away
6. Hard Time
7. Heads I Win, Tails You Lose
8. All Or Nothing
9. Can’t Wait On Love
10. Givin’ Yourself Away
11. Top Secret
12. Lovin’ You’s A Dirty Job (Ratt Fonic Monster Mix)
13. Lovin’ You’s A Dirty Job (Ratt Fonic Radio Mix)
14. Nobody Rides For Free (Point Break Soundtrack)



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