MOTLEY CRUE – Girls, Girls, Girls [Remastered Japan SHM-CD miniLP + bonus] Out Of Print

MOTLEY CRUE - Girls, Girls, Girls [Remastered Japan SHM-CD miniLP + bonus] Out Of Print full

MOTLEY CRUE have just released their final album, a legendary quartet which very much defined the ’80s hard rock glammy style. And one reader requested some of their most celebrated records in a remastered form pressed on High Quality Japanese SHM-CD. “Girls, Girls, Girls” is the one which definitely made Mötley Crüe rock n’ roll superstars.

“Girls, Girls, Girls” continued Mötley Crüe’s commercial hot streak, eventually going quadruple platinum as its predecessor, Theatre Of Pain, had; meanwhile, the title track brought them their second Top 20 single, and “Wild Side” became a popular MTV item.
In general, the Crüe really plays up the sleazy factor on this album trying to recapture some of the street-tough grittiness that fueled their first album — even appearing on the cover astride motorcycles and wearing leather; this time around, the influence of Aerosmith is felt to a much greater degree.

The production too is carefully crafted to really give the record a raw, dirty feel, but the raunchiness comes through all the same.
The record kicks off with the gritty anthem “Wildside” setting the scene for the rest of the album. “Wildside,” arguably the best song on the album, has since become a staple in the band’s live show. While the edginess of the track doesn’t carry throughout the entire album, it definitely gave the band something to build on in the future and proved to be a shining moment on “Girls Girls, Girls”.

The album’s title track – still part of the playlist in every topless club all over the world almost three decades later – is raunchy, sleazy and Crue to the core. Written during a time when music videos were not only relevant but generally required, the accompanying risque clip left a lasting impression.
The third and final single “You’re All I Need” was the obligatory power ballad for that era. Although a sweeping song with beautiful music driven by piano, the lyrical content wasn’t quite as sweet… or expected.

“Nona”, written for and about Sixx’s grandmother, who had raised him and who passed away during the writing process for this album, is a beautiful tribute. It provides soul and depth among the rest of the sleazy and general debauchery surrounding “Girls Girls, Girls”. It’s a short song but the sentiment remains strong.
The bluesy beats of “Bad Boy Boogie” and “All in the Name Of …,” in addition to the more rocking “Five Years Dead” and the wonderfully shambolic “Sumthin’ for Nothin’,” round out the original songs on the disc.
Having had success with cover tunes in the past, “Girls Girls, Girls” employed a live take on the classic “Jailhouse Rock” to close things out.

This reissue includes 5 bonus tracks, nothing too relevant but interesting mostly to hear the evolution process of the recording. I really like the rough mix of ‘Wild Side”, we have a previously unreleased track in “Rodeo” and a hot live take of “All In The Name Of… ” taped in Russia.

MOTLEY CRUE - Girls, Girls, Girls [Remastered Japan SHM-CD miniLP + bonus] Out Of Print back

Panned by the industry, fans embraced “Girls Girls, Girls” unreservedly, and the album climbed its way to the No. 2 slot on the general Billboard chart, although it couldn’t knock off Whitney Houston to take over top honors.
Looking back now at what role “Girls Girls, Girls” played in Mötley Crüe’s spanning career, it seems to be the glue that kept them together during a personally difficult time, a project that prevented the band from blowing up. While maybe not their most commercially successful release, it was still immensely popular.

To my ears, this Japanese SHM-CD really makes a difference in terms of sound, the album feels punchy and brighter, with a lot of ‘room’.
“Girls Girls, Girls” is pure Mötley Crüe, one of the most influential bands of the genre.

01 – Wild side
02 – Girls, girls, girls
03 – Dancing on glass
04 – Bad boy Boogie
05 – Nona
06 – Five years dead
07 – All in the name of…
08 – Sumthin’ for nuthin’
09 – You’re all I need
10 – Jailhouse Rock [Live]
11 – Girls, girls, girls [Tom Werman / band intro Rough mix]
12 – Wild side [Rough mix]
13 – Rodeo [Previously Unreleased]
14 – Nona [demo idea]
15 – All in the name of… [Live – Moscow]

Vince Neil – vocals
Mick Mars – guitars, backing vocals
Nikki Sixx – bass, backing vocals
Tommy Lee – drums, piano, backing vocals
additional musicians:
Bob Carlisle, Dave Amato, John Purdell, Pat Torpey, Phyllis St. James, Tommy Funderburk – backing vocals

Out Of Print

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