MALICE – The Rare And Unreleased [Retrospect Records release]

MALICE - The Rare And Unreleased [Retrospect Records release] full

Alongside the two MALICE major label studio albums in remastered form, it was requested here ”The Rare And Unreleased”, released by in limited pressing by Retrospect Records / Malice Records and now out of print, with used copies fetching over € 150.
As requested by fans for years, MALICE members raided their vaults and found these rare tracks recorded in the ’80s but never released, plus previously unreleased songs / demos from the era.
”The Rare And Unreleased” is a welcomed collection of unreleased & alternate versions of old MALICE tunes, from the time when they were one of the biggest hopefuls of US melodic metal. Comprising 18 songs in total, the sound quality quite good for most the material, including kick ass songs that easily could have been part of the band’s first two albums.
A collector’s item


01 – Captive Of Light
02 – Kick You Down
03 – Vice Versa
04 – Crazy In The Night
05 – Death Or Glory
06 – Trouble Shooter (previously unreleased demo)
07 – Dues Paid In Hell (previously unreleased demo)
08 – Cry Out To The Godz (previously unreleased demo)
09 – Rockin With You (alternate version)
10 – Air Attack (alternate version)
11 – Stellar Masters (alternate version)
12 – Hellrider (alternate version)
13 – Godz Of Thunder (alternate version)
14 – Murder (previously unreleased demo)
15 – No Haven For The Raven (previously unreleased)
16 – Vigilante (previously unreleased)
17 – Circle Of Fire (previously unreleased)
18 – Jet Stream Cruiser (previously unreleased)


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