YNGWIE MALMSTEEN (feat Goran Edman) – Fire & Ice [HNE / Cherry Red Remastered +2] *EXCLUSIVE*

YNGWIE MALMSTEEN (feat Goran Edman) - Fire & Ice [HNE / Cherry Red Remastered +2] *EXCLUSIVE* full

Having been deleted for many years, YNGWIE MALMSTEEN and Hear No Evil Recordings / Cherry Red reissued & remastered a new expanded version of his 1992 classic album “Fire & Ice”, including two bonus tracks.
Remastered by Andy Pearce (from Rock Candy Records headquarters) the sound quality is better than never, now with the bass really noticeable into the mix.
Despite this HNE remaster was released only two years ago, this HNE remaster is out of print now, so Yngwie’s “Fire & Ice” again.
‘Fire & Ice’ is one of my favorite Malmsteen albums, mixing the classic baroque metal of his origins with catchy early 90s melodic hard rock. Oh, and there’s the unique Goran Edman, in one of the best vocal performances of his career.

Perhaps the most diverse album of Malmsteen’s discography, ‘Fire & Ice’ delivers on quality songwriting as well as production. The most welcome addition to the Malmsteen formula is a string quartet featured on several songs such as ‘How Many Miles to Babylon’, ‘Show No Mercy’, and ‘Forever is a Long Time’.

The album also features commercial affairs such as ‘Dragonfly’, a classic hard rocker fused with Jimi Hendrix style wah pedal licks, and the glam-rock fest ‘Teaser’, rich in harmony vocals.
If you think these mainstream elements diminish results, you’re wrong.
Additionally, the presence of Göran Edman elevates everything. Edman is easily one of the best singers Malmsteen had, and while not a traditionally metal singer, he more than makes up for it by exhibiting tremendous vocal power and range.

Malmseen’s pearless guitar-work is in full fruition all over “Fire & Ice”. His blend of neoclassical shredding and hard rock / glam metal mixed with a diverse songwritting style makes for a cacophony full of pleasent suprises.
The title track is is just awesome: the masterful sweep-picking for the main riff is mind-boggling. I can see why he never plays that one live. It’s a BEAST in terms of complexity.

“Fire & Ice” is a criminally overlooked album in Yngwie’s catalog of music, and not only it’s one of my favorites, it’s one of his best.
This is a very good remastering – the original sounds great thanks to the big production – however a more prominent bass was needed, as a well as a more defined snare drum. Very well job by Andy Pearce.
Terrific album.
HIGHLY Recommended


01 – Perpetual
02 – Dragonfly
03 – Teaser
04 – How Many Miles to Babylon
05 – Cry No More
06 – No Mercy
07 – C’est La Vie
08 – Leviathan
09 – Fire and Ice
10 – Forever Is a Long Time
11 – I’m My Own Enemy
12 – All I Want Is Everything
13 – Golden Dawn
14 – Final Curtain
15 – Teaser (Single Version) [first time on CD]
16 – Broken Glass [original Bonus Track for Japan]

Yngwie Malmsteen – guitar, Moog Taurus, sitar, vocals
Göran Edman – lead vocals
Mats Olausson – keyboards, vocals
Bo Werner – drums
Michael Von Knorring – drums (track 8)
Svante Henryson – bass, cello, strings arrangement
Per Bögberg – viola
Ulf Forsberg – violin
Svein-Harald Martinsen – violin
Kalle Moraeus – violin
Lolo Lannerbäck – flute


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