THE JOHNNY VAN ZANT BAND – The Last Of The Wild Ones [Rock Candy remastered] HQ

THE JOHNNY VAN ZANT BAND - The Last Of The Wild Ones [Rock Candy remastered] full

Many of you have been asking for missing Rock Candy reissues to complete collections, and here’s as requested THE JOHNNY VAN ZANT BAND third album “The Last Of The Wild Ones” fully remastered from the master tapes and for the first time officially on CD.
Johnny Van Zant is of course member of the Southern rock’s “royal family” as the younger brother of rock legends Ronnie Van Zant from Lynyrd Skynyrd and Donnie Van Zant from 38 Special.
For his JOHNNY VAN ZANT BAND third effort they sound polished like never before – it was 1982 – still retaining the rocking edge.
On this Rock Candy the remastering quality is superb. Unlike some, “remastered” CD’s that don’t sound much different, on this one the improvement is noticeable.

‘Last Of The Wild Ones’, originally issued in 1982, was the JVZ Band’s third studio album and finds the them returning to a more authentic sound, a style in keeping with their highly praised debut album, paying less heed to commerciality and more attention to traditional style melodic southern rock.
It also marked the return of veteran producer Al Kooper, a man who not only discovered, signed and produced Skynyrd but also sat behind the recording desk of the debut JVZ Band album.

There were more great rocking tunes in the energetic opener ‘Good Girls Turning Bad’ and the punchy ‘Can’t Live Without Your Love’ with its big chorus and exciting dual guitar trade-off. ‘It’s You’ is another quality melodic song with enjoyable guitar work and one of Johnny’s best vocals, while neat harmony guitars raise the bar of the already excellent rocker ‘Inside Looking Out’.
Elsewhere the title track is a bit moodier with a catchy bass riff, ‘Still Hold On’ and ‘Together Forever’ were the ballad and power ballad respectively, while the mid-paced ‘Danger Zone’ has a catchy riff and some tasty slide guitar.

Sharper, more concise and rougher around the edges than their second album, ‘Last Of The Wild Ones’ takes no prisoners, leaping out of the speakers all guns blazing. With brother Donnie co-writing half the album, this is truly a joining of forces and a serious statement of intent.
Highly Recommended


01 – Good Girls Turning Bad
02 – It’s You
03 – Last of the Wild Ones
04 – Still Hold On
05 – Can’t Live Without Your Love
06 – Danger Zone
07 – Together Forever
08 – Inside Looking Out
09 – The One and Lonely

Johnny Van Zant – vocals
Robbie Gay – guitar
Erik Lundgren – guitar
Danny Clausman – bass
Robbie Morris – drums
Al Cooper, Thomas Grose – keyboards, synths



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