ALCATRAZZ – The Official Bootleg Box Set Vol. 2 (1983-1984) (2022)

Cherry Red / Hear No Evil are releasing “ALCATRAZZ ; The Official Bootleg Box Set Vol. 2 (1983-1984)“, the second box of unreleased live recordings by the band featuring Graham Bonnet & Yngwie Malmsteen.
Kicking off at the Golden Bear in Huntingdon Beach, California, in December 1983, Disc 1 features a healthy selection of songs from Alcatrazz’s debut. A Japanese tour was booked for early 1984, from which the Osaka date on 24th January 1984 was recorded at the Festival Hall, included here on Disc 2.
Disc 3 features a set recorded at Graham Central Station in Albuquerque in New Mexico. Highlights are ‘Too Young To Die… Too Drunk To Live’.
The Agora Ballroom in Cleveland, Ohio, had long been an important mid-west venue for touring rock bands in the 1970s and 1980s, so the band were guaranteed a warm welcome for their show there on 23rd May 1984, reproduced here on Disc 4.
This collection concludes with Disc 5’s gig on 8th June 1984 at Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson, New Jersey. As an extra bonus, CD5 finishes with an interview originally released as a single promo B-Side, a Public Service Announcement from Graham, warning against drunk driving, plus three instrumental demo tracks…

YNGWIE MALMSTEEN – Parabellum (2021)

On July 23, 2021 legendary Swede YNGWIE MALMSTEEN will release his new album ‘Parabellum‘ via Music Theories Recordings, the Mascot Label Group sublabel that focuses on the best that progressive rock and metal has to offer.
The name Yngwie Malmsteen has always stood for uncompromising excellence. In a career that now spans more than 40 years he has proven himself to be one of the greats. You can try to categorize him in any way you want, but the manner in which Malmsteen has continually developed his craft allows him to transcend any definition you attempt to impose.
Unlike some of his more recent outings, Yngwie explores his neoclassical roots again on ‘Parabellum’, and if you are a fan of his first Rising Force LP, you’ll enjoy this new CD like a madman…

YNGWIE MALMSTEEN (feat Goran Edman) – Fire & Ice [HNE / Cherry Red Remastered +2] *EXCLUSIVE*

Having been deleted for many years, YNGWIE MALMSTEEN and Hear No Evil Recordings / Cherry Red reissued & remastered a new expanded version of his 1992 classic album “Fire & Ice”, including two bonus tracks. Remastered by Andy Pearce (from Rock Candy Records headquarters) the sound quality is better than never, now with the bass really noticeable into the mix....

GENERATION AXE – The Guitars That Destroyed The World [Blu-spec CD +1] (2019)

The project masterminded by Steve Vai, GENERATION AXE, will release a live recording from the Generation Axe tour, featuring Vai, Yngwie Malmsteen, Zakk Wylde, Nuno Bettencourt and Tosin Abasi. Titled “The Guitars That Destroyed the World: Live In China“, the collection culls performances from the tour’s 11-city run in Asia in 2017. This Blu-spec CD with bonus will be available...

YNGWIE MALMSTEEN – Blue Lightning [Japan Blu-spec CD +2] (2019)

This Japanese release on Blu-spec CD of YNGWIE MALMSTEEN‘s new album “Blue Lightning” has 2 bonus tracks (not available on the regular CD), and a Yngwie-themed tin badge key chain plus other extras.To call legendary Swedish guitar hero Yngwie Malmsteen a ‘maestro’ or ‘virtuoso’ is to state the obvious. But such terms don’t do sufficient justice to either his talent...

V.A. – 0dayrox Advanced Releases March-April 2019 – Vol.1

Let’s go with the first advanced singles from the most anticipated albums this year.Melodic Hard rockers HARDLINE consisting of singer Johnny Gioeli, keyboardist Alessandro Del Vecchio, guitarist Mario Percudani, bassist Anna Portalupi and drummer Marco Di Salvia have released a new single titled “Take A Chance” from their upcoming new studio album ‘Life’, which will be released via Frontiers Music...

ALCATRAZZ – Live In Japan 1984 Restored & Remastered Previously Unreleased Full Concert [Japan Release] (2018) Exclusive

Today Sept. 28, “Live In Japan 1984: The Complete Edition“, the definitive version of ALCATRAZZ‘s legendary 1984 Japan tour is unveiled with fully restored and remastered sound, in a previously unreleased full concert form, featured at 0dayrox in exclusive. Alcatrazz featuring star vocalist Graham Bonnet (ex-Rainbow and The Michael Schenker Group) and the young guitar genius Yngwie J. Malmsteen toured...

ALCATRAZZ – No Parole From Rock ‘N’ Roll [Expanded Edition Remastered] (2015)

Kicking off an extensive reissue campaign drawn across Graham Bonnet’s fruitful career, Cherry Red Records has reissued a remastered, expanded version of “No Parole From Rock ‘N’ Roll”, the debut album from ALCATRAZZ, the hard rockin’ band he fronted from 1983 – 1987, here accompanied by a young, awesome Yngwie Malmsteen on guitar. Alcatrazz were formed in 1983, basically as...

MVP (Michael Vescera Project) – The Altar [reissue 2018]

Powerhouse vocalist MICHAEL VESCERA has reissued by himself “The Altar“, the third album from his own MVP / Michael Vescera Project, long time out of print. Most the material here was written with guitarist Jimi Bell (House Of Lords), so expect a mix of Vescera’s previous work with Yngwie Mamsteen and at places, the more edgy hard rockin’ groove side...

JOE LYNN TURNER – The Sessions (2016)

JOE LYNN TURNER – The Sessions (2016)

Legendary vocalist JOE LYNN TURNER has been a busy session man during his extensive career, and now some of these work is collected on a brand new collection of studio recordings simply called “The Sessions” and released today, October 7, via Deadline Music. Best known for fronting Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow during that band’s creative peak in the ’80s and later as...

HUMANIMAL (Jeff Scott Soto) – Humanimal [Remastered +1] (2015)

HUMANIMAL (Jeff Scott Soto) – Humanimal [Remastered +1] (2015)

Originally released by Z Records in 2002 to critical acclaim, HUMANIMAL featured Jeff Scott Soto, Marcel Jacob (Talisman, Europe, Yngwie Malmsteen), Pontus Norgren (Talisman, The Poodles, Hammerfall) and Thomas Broman (Glenn Hughes Band). Out of print, after ten years Z Records reissued “Humanimal” in 2012 remastered, repackaged and with the original Japanese bonus track added.Again sold out, this remastered version...

YNGWIE J. MALMSTEEN – Trilogy [Japan SHM-CD remastered MiniLP] Out Of Print

The best, most celebrated ’80s albums from the mighty YNGWIE MALMSTEEN have been requested here in its Japanese remastered versions on high quality SHM-CD. All these cardboard sleeve MiniLP replica releases are out of print now.
Let’s go with the great “Trilogy“.
Yngwie’s third solo album “Trilogy” found him hitting his technical peak. The guitar playing here is above top notch, and easily blows everything else out of the water. What’s more, is that this album, despite the greatness of the previous Marching Out, is the foundation of the ‘Yngwie sound’.
Every Yngwie album made after this can be easily heard in “Trilogy”.

YNGWIE MALMSTEEN – Marching Out [Japan SHM-CD remastered MiniLP] Out Of Print

Most celebrated ’80s albums from the mighty YNGWIE MALMSTEEN have been requested here in its Japanese remastered reissue on high quality SHM-CD. All these cardboard sleeve MiniLP replica releases are out of print now.
Now it’s time for the killer “Marching Out“.
After flooring the hard rock / metal community with his phenomenal debut album, Yngwie Malmsteen followed up his stellar neo-classical assault on the senses with a more straightforward rocking album. Though perhaps initially viewed as a step in the wrong direction, this is the direction that Yngwie would maintain for the rest of his career with tremendous success.
“Marching Out” was the first of what would be several steps at simplifying the Malmsteen formula in to song format, and is easily among his best works…

YNGWIE MALMSTEEN – Rising Force [Japan SHM-CD remastered MiniLP] Out Of Print

Most celebrated ’80s albums from the mighty YNGWIE MALMSTEEN have been requested here in its Japanese remastered reissue on high quality SHM-CD. All these cardboard sleeve MiniLP replica releases are out of print now.
Let’s go with “Yngwie J. Malmsteen’s Rising Force“, the cracking debut.
“Yngwie J. Malmsteen’s Rising Force” was a revelation upon its release in 1984; Eddie Van Halen had introduced dazzling speed to the realm of rock guitar technique, and the compositions of Randy Rhoads had begun to fuse heavy metal with neo-classical influences, but no one before Yngwie Malmsteen was able to combine those elements with such blinding virtuosity.

YNGWIE MALMSTEEN – World On Fire [Japan SHM-CD] (2016)

YNGWIE MALMSTEEN – World On Fire [Japan SHM-CD] (2016)

Legendary Swedish guitar hero YNGWIE MALMSTEEN will release tomorrow his new studio album, “World On Fire” via his own recording label, and today in Japan on SHM-CD format through King Records including a fan sticker. As happened lately, Malmsteen plays most the instruments and recorded the whole thing in his own studio.“I spent two years on it, touring, recording, touring,...