HUMANIMAL (Jeff Scott Soto) – Humanimal [Remastered +1] (2015)

HUMANIMAL (Jeff Scott Soto) - Humanimal [Remastered +1] (2015) full

Originally released by Z Records in 2002 to critical acclaim, HUMANIMAL featured Jeff Scott Soto, Marcel Jacob (Talisman, Europe, Yngwie Malmsteen), Pontus Norgren (Talisman, The Poodles, Hammerfall) and Thomas Broman (Glenn Hughes Band). Out of print, after ten years Z Records reissued “Humanimal” in 2012 remastered, repackaged and with the original Japanese bonus track added.
Again sold out, this remastered version of “Humanimal” was re-released last year.

HUMANIMAL was formed at beginning of the new millennium by Sweden’s six-string virtuoso Pontus Norgren together with his ex- bandmate in Talisman Marcel Jacob and drummer Thomas Broman (also ex John Norum, Brazen Abbot, Great King Rat).
For the vocalist position they called no other than Jeff Scott Soto, who agreed to once again join Pontus and Marcel, who as a trio made up three quarters of the much appreciated Talisman.
Coincidences do not end there, as the band’s name was taken from one of Talisman’s albums, even more, they decided to name this, their 2002’s debut “Humanimal” as well.
However, musically Humanimal is more hard rocking, guitar-driven than Talisman.

“R U 4 Real” is the opening track and the best way to introduce Humanimal’s style: fast guitars, soaring vocals and great rhythm section with pumping bass lines & punchy drums.
“Again 2 B Found” follows with a killer chorus, screaming riffs and an amazingly strong bass playing that makes your heart beat the same way. One of the best tracks on an album plenty of them.
The Hard Rock hurricane continues with “License 2 Kill” with vocals moving on various harmony trails, great energy and a juicy guitar solo filled with such emotion that Mr. Malmsteen would have really been jealous of.

“Find My Way Home” it’s a monster of a track. It moves in slower paths (just slower, not a ballad) than the previous songs, where Soto provides layers of harmonies and the rhythm section specially shine – just listen that mammoth bass! I love this song, one of the best Jeff Scott soto performances ever.

With “Feel The Burn” the band rocks hard once again, then in “Road 2 4giveness” Jeff Scott Soto shows all his greatness, followed by the melodic “I” which delivers rich guitar passages.
In “Turn Away” the band explores some heavy funk rhythms, a territory already visited by Talisman in the past. “Who Do U Think U R” sports a catchy chorus, clever lyrics and a sensual beat.
The album ends with “Way 2 Deep” in a pure Scandi Melodic Hard Rock fashion.

HUMANIMAL (Jeff Scott Soto) - Humanimal [Remastered +1] (2015) back

Out of print for many years “Humanimal” is now being reissued; remastered, repackaged and with the excellent bonus track “Loves The Dominion” added.
This album is terrific from start to finish, no fillers, just killers. Trust me.
First rate 100% Swedish Melodic Hard Rock.
Highly Recommended

01. R U 4 Real
02. Again 2B Found
03. Licence 2 Kill
04. Find My Way Home
05. Feel The Burn
06. Road 2 4giveness
07. I
08. Turn Away
09. Who Do U Think U R
10. Way 2 Deep
11. Loves Dominion (Bonus Track)

Jeff Scott Soto – Lead & Backing Vocals
Pontus Norgren – Guitars
Marcel Jacob – Bass, Backing Vocals
Tomas Broman – Drums, Percussion
Jesse Nylander – guest Keyboards


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