DAVID ZAFFIRO – Yesterday’s Left Behind [Digitally Remastered 2020]

DAVID ZAFFIRO - Yesterday's Left Behind [Digitally Remastered 2020] full

“Yesterday’s Left Behind” (1994) remains as the last DAVID ZAFFIRO solo album and the last from the 2020 reissue series from his career.
Here Zaffiro blend the melodic rock orientation of his first two albums with the acoustic mix of the third adding a certain hard rock edge. As happened with all, sound & production are pristine, even more with this clear remastering job.

“Winds Of September” represents albums leading cut, not the least of which being how it is its heaviest (noting the perfect fusing of the up-tempo electric and gritty acoustic) but also features a guest vocal performance from Holy Soldier front man Stephen Patrick. This one would sound right at home on either Holy Soldier album.

The choice musical moments extend to several of albums lighter tracks. “Nothing’s Gonna Stand In My Way” combines ominous backend feedback with one of the catchiest keyboard lines you will hear, while “Where” defines as melodic acoustic rock.
Acoustic background with a rhythm guitar edge might be best way to describe top tracks “Nobody Knows”, bustling with its spirited proclivity and refuse to go away melody, and “N.L.I.E.”, a straight on rocker innate to tons of low-end groove and catchy hooks to spare. Great lead guitar on the two as well.

As always, Zaffiro’s instrumental material is top notch. My favorite is “Bottle Top” from its infectiously upbeat groove to reflect a Country Western twang but interlaced with fiery guitar leads. “Promises” falls under a semi-instrumental heading in that occasional scripture reading weaves with a calmer disposition to comprise airy keyboards and engaging acoustic laced harmonies in abundance.

There’s an organic arrangement into the album’s title track with its soulful flair in highlighting distant traces of rhythm guitar and “I Welcome The Rain” in playing up an uplifting form with a lush melody and electric feedback joining the acoustic.

“Yesterday’s Left Behind” is a creative, relevant and clever album. Zaffiro covers a great deal of musical territory ranging from melodic hard rock to AOR to blues to straight-on-rock to instrumental music to even Country Western. Performances and production duties are more than up to standard.
Overall, credit Retroactive Records for making the four Zaffiro solo releases available again in such a highly upgraded form with improved sound quality.
Highly Recommended


01 – I Welcome The Rain
02 – Yesterday’s Left Behind
03 – Waiting It Through
04 – Nobody Knows
05 – Bottle Top
06 – N.L.I.E.
07 – Winds of September
08 – Promises
09 – Nothing’s Gonna Stand In My Way
10 – Where

Guitar, Keyboards, Bass, Vocals – David Zaffiro
Bass – Anthony Sallee, Chris Kent
Backing Vocals – Diane Dean
Percussion – Mitch McMichen
Rhythm Guitar – Matthew Duffy (track 1)
Guest Lead Vocals on 7 – Steven Patrick (Holy Soldier)



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