MVP (Michael Vescera Project) – The Altar [reissue 2018]

MVP (Michael Vescera Project) - The Altar [reissue 2018] full

Powerhouse vocalist MICHAEL VESCERA has reissued by himself “The Altar“, the third album from his own MVP / Michael Vescera Project, long time out of print.
Most the material here was written with guitarist Jimi Bell (House Of Lords), so expect a mix of Vescera’s previous work with Yngwie Mamsteen and at places, the more edgy hard rockin’ groove side of HOL.

The connection between the 2 aforementioned band’s sound doesn’t end with Vescera / Bell, because former Yngwie bass player Barry Sparks and keyboardist Mats Olausson play here, as well as House Of Lords’ B.J. Zampa who performs most the drums on the album.

In fact, “The Altar” is a pretty diverse album.
Vescera is able to wrap his brain and his voice around just about every style of metal / hard rock, capable to pick and choose whatever direction he wants to go, all done with gusto.

There’s stuff on the album that sounds like Tony Martin / Black Sabbath 80s time (‘Awakening’, title track), some Magnum (‘Unlock the Mystery’), ’80s Rainbow (‘Peace of Mind’), Axel Rudi Pell (the melodic heavy ‘Losing Sight’), some Keel (‘On Our Way To Hell’) or commercial Yngwie side in the metal ballad ‘Time After Time’ and the slightly AORish ‘Layin’ Down the Law’.

Produced by himself, Vescera takes care that his vocals come out clear and strong on “The Altar”, but there’s also a powerful rhythm section, keyboard flourishes and a complete guitar work by Bell.
There’s also songwriting contributions on 3 tracks from talented Rob Marcello (Marcello/Vestry, Danger Danger) who also play guitar on those songs, guest solos by Joe Stump, Mike Clashiak (Halford), Roland Grapow (Masterplan, Helloween), and more.
Very Recommended

01 – Intro
02 – Crucified
03 – Burnin’ Up
04 – Layin’ Down the Law
05 – Awakening
06 – The Altar
07 – On Our Way (To Hell)
08 – Unlock the Mystery
09 – Peace of Mind
10 – Time After Time
11 – Losing Sight
12 – Betrayed

Vocals, Keyboards – Michael Vescera
Guitar, Bass – Jimi Bell
Bass – Barry Sparks, Chris McCarvill, Jay Rigney
Drums – B.J. Zampa, Frank Lombardi, Stet Howland
Keyboards – Mats Olausson
Guitar – Mike Chlasciak, Rob Marcello
Acoustic Guitar – Bill Burke
Guest Lead Guitar – Joe Stump, Rob Johnson, Roland Grapow


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