V.A. – Hard Rock Beyond the Hits (2017)

V.A. - Hard Rock Beyond the Hits (2017) full

Warner Music Group has put together a very interesting compilation titled “Hard Rock Beyond the Hits“, comprising some really good ‘inside tracks’ taken from albums of artists from their back catalog.
These are songs that never were hits but many certainly deserved that status.

Indeed, most of the bands featured here were multi-platinum sellers, but the idea was to feature songs from them not so well known.
Some achieved the privilege to at least being released as single B-sides, such as Winger’s “State of Emergency”, or originally never released like happened with Skid Row’s “Forever” – recorded in 1988 during the band’s debut album sessions but discarded at the eleventh hour.

Elsewhere, we find true gems like Icon’s “Two For the Road”, the criminally overlooked “Rock & Roll Overdose” by Kix, the really good ZZ Top rocker “Concrete and Steel”, Tuff’s “Wake Me Up”, and so on.
Additionally, there’s bands pretty unknown / unheard by many hard rock fans, such as Biscaya, Zero Nine, the recent Bad City and more.

A solid, hard rockin’ compilation to crank to 11 and enjoy during more than one & half hour.
Very Recommended

01 – Kix – Rock & Roll Overdose
02 – Blackfoot – We’re Goin’ Down
03 – Nickelback – Pusher
04 – ZZ Top – Concrete and Steel
05 – The Darkness – Friday Night
06 – Bad City – Do You Believe In Rock ‘N Roll
07 – Icon – Two For the Road
08 – Eric Martin Band – Catch Me If You Can
09 – The Donnas – It’s So Hard
10 – Enuff Z’Nuff – Kiss the Clown
11 – Loudness – Running For Cover
12 – Saigon Kick – I.C.U.
13 – Twisted Sister – The Price
14 – Biscaya – Howl In the Sky
15 – Dream Theater – Hell’s Kitchen
16 – Lynch Mob – Hell Child
17 – Tuff – Wake Me Up
18 – Winger – State of Emergency
19 – Faster Pussycat – Shooting You Down
20 – Dirty Looks – No Brains Child
21 – Zero Nine – Livin’ on the Highway
22 – Skid Row – Forever (Previously Unreleased)
23 – Wasted Youth – On Fire


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