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FUNNY MONEY (Kix members) – Funny Money [Ltd. Edition remastered] (2022)

Heaven and Hell Records is reissuing a limited edition vinyl version of “Funny Money“, the out of print self-titled album from FUNNY MONEY, the band formed by KIX lead vocalist Steve Whiteman and guitarist Billy Andrews in the mid-Nineties. The album has been specially remastered for vinyl.
Since the demise of Kix both musicians were in contact, but it wasn’t until they met at a charity fundraiser event in Baltimore they started to talk again about creating new music.
FUNNY MONEY born, inspired by the rocking sound of early KIX; hard rock with attitude. The sound & style of “Funny Money” brings to mind as well HELIX, GUNS N’ ROSES, DIRTY LOOKS, etc,
Very strong, melodic catchy tunes very well produced by Andrews himself, with Whiteman in top vocal form and the rest of band feeling tight…

STEVE WHITEMAN (KIX) – You’re Welcome (2021)

KIX’s frontman STEVE WHITEMAN is releasing today “You’re Welcome“, his first solo album in a 35+ year career. He has been sitting on these songs for a couple of years now, and without being on the road recently due the pandemic shutdown, Steve finally had the opportunity to do something with them.
Whiteman played all the instruments on many of the tracks, with help from his trusted long-time collaborators Jimmy Chalfant on drums, Bob Paré & Dean Cramer on guitars, and Brad Divens on bass, all which co-produced the 12-song album with Whiteman.
On “You’re Welcome”, Whiteman remains faithful to his roots; this is a rocking album with a timeless sound, a little more classic rock / traditional hard rock oriented than the hairy metal of KIX, still catchy and fun to have a good time…

KIX – Midnite Dynamite Re-Lit [Re-Mixed / Re-Mastered + Bonus Disc] (2020)

Maryland ’80s hard rockers KIX have teamed up again with legendary rock producer Beau Hill for a 35th anniversary re-charge of the band’s classic third album ‘Midnite Dynamite’ originally recorded in 1985.
Midnite Dynamite Re-Lit [Re-Mixed / Re-Mastered + Bonus Disc]” sounds great in this new version – respecting the ’80s / original album feel – and it’s a reminder of how good this album is.
Additionally, we have a bonus disc of previously unreleased material, early versions of most the songs.
Highly Recommended

KIX – Blow My Fuse [Rock Candy remaster] full retail

     Fixed Coinciding with their return and a fresh album in two decades just released, Rock Candy Records are reissuing / remastering KIX‘s most celebrated records from ’80s: ‘Blow My Fuse’ and ‘Midnight Dynamite’.By the time Kix had recorded “Blow My Fuse“, their fourth album, all eyes in the hard rock biospace were upon them as a band expected to...

KIX – Midnite Dynamite [Rock Candy remastered] full retail

As requested, here’s one of the most celebrated KIX albums; “Midnight Dynamite”, Remastered & Reloaded by Rock Candy Records. There is a breed of bands who like to keep it simple: four-to-the-floor guitar driven hard rock with catchy riffs and hooks that sound as though they were born fully formed. In this respect, it’s fair to say that the Maryland...

KIX – Fuse 30 ReBlown : 30th Anniversary Special Edition 2-CD (2018)

On the 30th Anniversary of their platinum album ‘Blow My Fuse’, Maryland hard rock icons KIX are presenting “Fuse 30 ReBlown – 30th Anniversary Special Edition” two-disc set, exactly 30 years after Blow My Fuse’s original release. “Fuse 30 Reblown” Disc #1 features a a new, fresh remix by Beau Hill (Alice Cooper, Ratt, Warrant, KIX) of KIX’s Atlantic Records...

KIX – Rock Your Face Off [retail CD]

KIX is one of those bands that almost made it big back in the Eighties but never got the real breaks some of their contemporaries did, although they truly deserved. Kix’s catalogue including ‘Blow My Fuse’, ‘Hot Wire’ and particularly ‘Midnight Dynamite’ albums are great examples of prime American Hard Rock.
After almost two decades since Kix has released any new music, the Maryland based group returned with the really solid “Rock Your Face Off” some time ago, and one of you asked for a revisit of the release here on the blog.
A lot has changed since the ’80s, but it is good to see that Kix has stuck to their signature style, in your face Hard Rock sound.
Opening with “Wheels In Motion”, it’s clear the razor sharp guitar playing of Brian Forsythe dominate this album. The Alice Cooper influenced “You’re Gone” continues with the hard-hitting classic riffs where singer Steve Whiteman lay down his powerhouse vocals.

V.A. – Hard Rock Beyond the Hits (2017)

V.A. – Hard Rock Beyond the Hits (2017)

Warner Music Group has put together a very interesting compilation titled “Hard Rock Beyond the Hits“, comprising some really good ‘inside tracks’ taken from albums of artists from their back catalog.These are songs that never were hits but many certainly deserved that status. Indeed, most of the bands featured here were multi-platinum sellers, but the idea was to feature songs...

BEST LIVE ALBUM OF THE YEAR : KIX – Can’t Stop The Show: The Return Of Kix (2016)

BEST LIVE ALBUM OF THE YEAR : KIX – Can’t Stop The Show: The Return Of Kix (2016)

Near the end of the year, it’s time to recap about the best 2016 releases, by category.For 0dayrox, the Best Live Album of the Year is KIX – Can’t Stop The Show: The Return Of Kix. There has been some really good live releases this year, but we have chosen KIX for what it represents: the return of this great...