STEVE WHITEMAN (KIX) – You’re Welcome (2021)

STEVE WHITEMAN (KIX) - You're Welcome (2021) full

KIX’s frontman STEVE WHITEMAN is releasing today “You’re Welcome“, his first solo album in a 35+ year career. He has been sitting on these songs for a couple of years now, and without being on the road recently due the pandemic shutdown, Steve finally had the opportunity to do something with them.
Whiteman played all the instruments on many of the tracks, with help from his trusted long-time collaborators Jimmy Chalfant on drums, Bob Paré & Dean Cramer on guitars, and Brad Divens on bass, all which co-produced the 12-song album with Whiteman.
On “You’re Welcome”, Whiteman remains faithful to his roots; this is a rocking album with a timeless sound, a little more classic rock / traditional hard rock oriented than the hairy metal of KIX still catchy and fun to have a good time…

“I knew pretty early on this music wasn’t KIX music and that it was definitely going to be for my solo thing,” says Whiteman.
Whether it’s the riff-driven / harmonica-splattered conflict of “Bad Blood,” the bluesy strike of “Lightning Bolt,” the instantly catchy “Do Me Like You Done Me Before,” the heartfelt and somewhat melancholy “Kid Dynamite,” (a tribute to KIX guitarist Ronnie Younkins who’s been going through another bout of rehab), or the lusty wink-nudgery of “Tug of Luv”, ‘You’re Welcome’ adds yet another exciting chapter to Whiteman’s storied recorded legacy.


01 – Easy
02 – Talking Bout Love
03 – Get the Wild Out
04 – Shock
05 – Prick Teaser
06 – Bad Blood
07 – Kid Dynamite
08 – Lightning Bolt
09 – Strip
10 – Tug of Luv
11 – Do Me Like You Done Me Before
12 – Shook Me in My Shoes

Steve Whiteman – vocals, bass, guitar
Jimmy Chalfant – drums
Bob Paré, Dean Cramer – guitars
Brad Divens – bass



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