KIX – Midnite Dynamite Re-Lit [Re-Mixed / Re-Mastered + Bonus Disc] (2020)

KIX - Midnite Dynamite Re-Lit [Re-Mixed / Re-Mastered + Bonus Disc] (2020) full

Maryland ’80s hard rockers KIX have teamed up again with legendary rock producer Beau Hill for a 35th anniversary re-charge of the band’s classic third album ‘Midnite Dynamite’ originally recorded in 1985.
Midnite Dynamite Re-Lit [Re-Mixed / Re-Mastered + Bonus Disc]” sounds great in this new version – respecting the ’80s / original album feel – and it’s a reminder of how good this album is.
Additionally, we have a bonus disc of previously unreleased material, early versions of most the songs.
Highly Recommended


Disc One: Re-mixed by Beau Hill remastered by Jay Frigoletto:
01. Midnite Dynamite
02. Red Hot (Black & Blue)
03. Bang Bang (Balls of Fire)
04. Layin’ Rubber
05. Walkin’ Away
06. Scarlet Fever
07. Cry Baby
08. Cold Shower
09. Lie Like A Rug
10. Sex

Disc Two: Original Demo Recordings:
01. Midnite Dynamite (Demo Version)
02. Red Hot (Black & Blue Demo Version)
03. Layin’ Rubber (Demo Version)
04. Walkin’ Away (early album mix)
05. Cry Baby (Demo Version)
06. Cold Shower (Demo Version)
07. Lie Like A Rug (Demo Version)
08. Sex (Demo Version)

Vocals – Steve Whiteman
Guitar – Brian Forsythe
Guitar – Ronnie Younkins
Bass Guitar – Donnie Purnell
Drums – Jimmy Chalfant


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