XYZ – Hungry [Axe Killer remaster +1] Out Of Print

XYZ - Hungry [Axe Killer remaster +1] Out Of Print full

Together with their first album, this was requested here as well, XYZ second release “Hungryremastered by Axe Killer / Bad Reputation Records including a bonus track.
While this strong band fronted by vocalist Terry Ilous wasn’t considered by rock critics as a top act from the late Eighties / early Nineties US Hard Rock scene, most major, platinum-seller bands and musicians of the genre mentioned XYZ as personal favorites.

Aiming to rock harder than on their debut album but still maintaining a polished sound, for second record “Hungry” XYZ called guru Neil Kernon (Dokken, Judas Priest) to co-produce together with George Tutko (Lita Ford, Eric Martin).
This association resulted in a more straightforward, no-frills bluesy hard rock album plenty of energy, great vocals and sizzling guitar work.

XYZ - Hungry [Axe Killer remaster +1] back

This quite hard to find, now out of print (135 Euros) remastered reissue by Axe Killer / Bad Reputation Records delivers a noticeable improvement in sound and balance than the original release, including the bonus track “Two Wrongs Can Make A Right”.
To make it more complete, we have added the Japanese edition bonus track “Highlife”. Killer rocking stuff.
Note: this is not the version floating the net, it’s a fresh accurate rip from original CD.
Highly RecommendedOnly at 0dayrox


01 – Face Down In The Guter
02 – Don’t Say No
03 – Fire And Water
04 – When The Night Comes Down
05 – Off the Sun
06 – Feels Good
07 – Shake Down The Walls
08 – When I Find Love
09 – H.H. Boogie
10 – Sun Also Rises In Hell
11 – Roll Of The Dice
12 – Whiskey On A Heartache
13 – Two Wrongs Can Make A Right
0dayrox EXTRA BONUS:
14 – Highlife [Japan Bonus Track]

Terry Ilous – vocals
Marc Diglio – guitar
Patt Fontaine – bass
Paul Monroe – drums


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