BANG TANGO – Dancin’ On Coals [Japan HR-HM 1000 reissue series] (2018) *0dayrox Exclusive*

BANG TANGO - Dancin' On Coals [Japan HR-HM 1000 reissue series] (2018) full

Universal Music Japan has started this year a curious but more than welcomed campaign: the reissue of long time out of print albums from their catalog titled ‘HR/HM 1000’, that meaning Hard Rock / Heavy Metal at the price of 1000 Yen = about 9 USD.
After their celebrated debut, with this 2nd effort “Dancin’ On Coals” BANG TANGO expanded even more their sound and style, resulting in a unique piece of music and one of the most original albums from the early 90s rock music scene.

Musically, “Dancing On Coals” proved a huge step forward for the band, effectively establishing a style and sound of their own.
From their debut it became clear that Bang Tango had an attitude towards heavy funk; on this second album the funky groove comes out more refined and in perfect alignment with the leading / melodic instruments of their sound.
For that matter, the guitar parts are far more sophisticated, very precise and clean on the rhythm parts and shredding during the solos.
Not to mention the monster 12-string bass / fretless bass, pretty amazing if you ask me.

The album opens with ‘Soul to Soul’ which is a huge, catchy hard rock / funk track with the addition of some horns. However, don’t be fooled, this is hard rocking album.
Call me nuts, but I hear some Ratt on the chorus of ‘Untied And True’, ‘Emotions In Gear’ rocks with a broken riff and sexy vocals, while ‘Last Kiss’ has a Sunset Strip feel all over.

A highlight for me is ‘Midnight Struck’, where producer John Jansen brings some that epic Cinderella-like production to the table with this beautiful bluesy ballad with awesome bass work.
‘Emotion in Gear’ sees the introduction of strings, another idea from Jansen, providing more variation to this unique album.
“Dancing on Coals” was indeed unlike anything else in its time, standing apart from the majority of the melodic hard rock scene.

BANG TANGO - Dancin' On Coals [Japan HR-HM 1000 reissue series] (2018) back

This album never received a remastering treatment, but this Japanese 2018 reissue sounds like it was. It may be the new digital transfer technique – which augment the signal / Dynamic Range – and “Dancin’ On Coals” blast out of the speakers.
Highly Recommended

0dayrox exclusive


01 – Soul To Soul
02 – Untied And True
03 – Emotions In Gear
04 – I’m In Love
05 – Big Line
06 – Midnight Struck
07 – Dancin’ On Coals
08 – My Saltine
09 – Dressed Up Vamp
10 – Last Kiss
11 – Cactus Juice

Joe Lesté – lead vocals
Mark Knight – guitar, backing vocals
Kyle Stevens – guitar, backing vocals
Kyle Kyle – 12-string bass, fretless bass
Tigg Ketler – drums, percussion



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