FUNNY MONEY (Kix members) – Funny Money [Ltd. Edition remastered] (2022)

FUNNY MONEY (Kix members) - Funny Money [Ltd. Edition remastered] (2022) full

Heaven and Hell Records is reissuing a limited edition vinyl version of “Funny Money“, the out of print self-titled album from FUNNY MONEY, the band formed by KIX lead vocalist Steve Whiteman and guitarist Billy Andrews in the mid-Nineties. The album has been specially remastered for vinyl.
Since the demise of Kix both musicians were in contact, but it wasn’t until they met at a charity fundraiser event in Baltimore they started to talk again about creating new music.
FUNNY MONEY born, inspired by the rocking sound of early KIX; hard rock with attitude. The sound & style of “Funny Money” brings to mind as well HELIX, GUNS N’ ROSES, DIRTY LOOKS, etc,
Very strong, melodic catchy tunes very well produced by Andrews himself, with Whiteman in top vocal form and the rest of band feeling tight.


Side A – 1 – Off My Rocker
Side A – 2 – Art Of Persuasion
Side A – 3 – Can’t Take The Heat
Side A – 4 – Baby Blues
Side A – 5 – For Keeps
Side A – 6 – Boogie Man

Side B – 1 – Pick Me Up
Side B – 2 – Suckin’ My Blood
Side B – 3 – Monkey See, Monkey Do
Side B – 4 – Dry Eyes Cry

Steve Whiteman – lead vocals
Billy Andrews – guitar, backing vocals
Ned Meloni – bass, backing vocals
Dean Cramer – guitar, backing vocals
Geoff Burrell – drums



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