McAULEY SCHENKER GROUP – Save Yourself [SHM-CD Remastered]

McAULEY SCHENKER GROUP - Save Yourself [SHM-CD Remastered] (2015) full
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As part of the 3 McAULEY SCHENKER GROUP albums fully remastered 2015 by Universal Japan and pressed on SHM-CD, here comes their second “Save Yourself“.

Their first album Perfect Timing (already presented on the blog few days ago HERE) was released in 1987, and included McAuley Schenker Group’s first hit “Gimme Your Love”.
Two years later, “Save Yourself” was released, giving this incarnation of MSG its biggest single with the awesome power ballad “Anytime”.

The band, composed of German, Irish and British members, relocated to Los Angeles, trying to exploit the increasing popularity of melodic hard rock and glam metal in the US.
Now with British keyboardist/rhythm guitarist Steve Mann (ex Lionheart) as stable member, McAuley Schenker Group recorded “Save Yourself” with Frank Filipetti (Survivor) producing & mixing.

The result was, again as on the previous record, spectacular.
In fact, I found the overall sound of “Save Yourself” similar in atmosphere to Survivor’s 1988 album, Too Hot to Sleep (due to Filipetti presence). But I am talking about the clarity, as sonically McAuley Schenker Group rocks here in full cylinders.
Schenker’s guitar playing is first rate (no surprise there), but it is McAuley’s melodic voice and songwriting skills that make “Save Yourself” such a memorable album.

However, the disc opens with title track which is the song more close to early ’80s MSG. It starts slowly but suddenly blows you away. What a solo, what a fine vocal performance.
Then there’s the one of the ‘finest’ hair metal tune ever during the era on the commercial “Bad Boys”, and its catchy chorus.

Slot 3 and one of the best power ballads of all time arrives with “Anytime”, indeed a mid-tempo with a strong AOR feel and a main melody to die for. The emotion that slurs from Schenker’s guitar is nothing short phenomenal.
We have more fun, ultra-polished hair rockers in “Get Down to Bizness”, the kickin “What We Need”, and the terrific “I Am Your Radio”.
Quality melodic rock is delivered in spades on the wonderful “This Is My Heart” (third single off the album), and the moody semi-ballad “Shadow of the Night” with a traditional Schenker guitar work.

This SHM-CD reissue features the original first CD-press bonus track called “Take Me Back”, a killer, catchy melodic hard rocker and one of my favorites from the bunch (penned by bass player Rocky Newton), plus 3 extra bonus: edited radio versions of title track and “Anytime”, and the originally appeared as B-side “Vicious”, indeed a vicious, groovy rocker with Schenker puting solos all over.

“Save Yourself” is my ‘less favorite’ McAuley Schenker Group album of the 3, but man, occurs that the other two are simply brilliant.
But speaking of quality melodic hard rock, “Save Yourself” is easily among the best the ’80s had to offer regarding the genre. And you know that’s saying a lot!
This Japanese 2015 remaster on SHM-CD is fabulous, and at a special price of U$14 is a steal! Get yours now.

Universal Japan ~ UICY-25517
2015 国内盤  | SHM-CD |

01 – Save Yourself
02 – Bad Boys
03 – Anytime
04 – Get Down To Bizness
05 – Shadow Of The Night
06 – What We Need
07 – I Am Your Radio
08 – There Has To Be Another Way [instrumental]
09 – This Is My Heart
10 – Destiny
11 – Take Me Back [first CD press bonus track]
12 – Save Yourself [single edit]
13 – Anytime [single edit]
14 – Vicious

Robin McAuley – lead & backing vocals
Michael Schenker – lead, rhythm and acoustic guitars
Steve Mann – rhythm guitars, solo on #10, keyboards, backing vocals
Rocky Newton – bass, backing vocals
Bodo Schopf – drums


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