38 SPECIAL – Bone Against Steel [Japan SHM-CD remastered] (2018) Exclusive

38 SPECIAL - Bone Against Steel [Japan SHM-CD remastered] (2018) full

Japanese music market did it again: all the best 38 SPECIAL albums finally have been remastered, a 2017 fresh treatment using the original US analog master tapes and pressed on high quality SHM-CD. It’s all done in wonderful cardboard sleeve mini LP replica, which also faithfully replicates the OBI design of the Japanese first pressing LP.
And now we have here in exclusive “Bone Against Steel“, another 38 Special fav of mine.

Recorded 1990 and released the following year, “Bone Against Steel” is a distinctive US Rock 1990 album. This year was quite unique in terms of sound production for rock music in America – and some of the greatest melodic hard rock albums of all time appeared this year.
The overall ‘glammy / hair metal / AOR’ sound of 1987-1989 was replaced by a more rootsy rock style still retaining the gloss and crystal clear production. Take as example Damn Yankees, Bad Company’s ‘Holy Water’, Cinderella’s ‘Heartbreak Station’, etc.

38 Special always was bluesy based, and this perfecly fit the ‘rootsy factor’, so their new album only needed the ‘gloss and crystal clear production’.
But the band also wanted a more ‘classic American’ melodic songwriting, and called an expert for it: Survivor’s Jim Peterik.
Peterik co-wrote 3 songs for “Bone Against Steel”, but also provided a general orientation.

“Bone Against Steel”, while still faithful to 38 Special bluesy style, sounds and feels melodic hard rock 1990.
It’s not strange that opener “The Sound of Your Voice” was a major hit, and one of three songs co-written by Peterik. The song, with a vocal hook in the chorus very reminiscent of Survivor’s ‘I Can’t Hold Back’, reached #2 on the Billboard Mainstream Rock chart.

Another of the Peterik songs, “Rebel To Rebel”, also did it well in the chart, and it’s one of the CD highlights. “You Be the Dam, I’ll Be the Water” was co-written by the great Van Stephenson, a wonderful tune.

Call me nuts if “Don’t Wanna Get It Dirty” doesn’t sounds like one of Damn Yankees’ debut inside tracks, and it’s not surprising at all to hear Jack Blades providing background vocals.
Also on the album there’s Bad Company’s Brian Howe contributing backing vocals, another of the above aforementioned comparisons.

38 SPECIAL - Bone Against Steel [Japan SHM-CD remastered] (2018) back

One of the reasons I like 38 Special “Bone Against Steel” so much is the strong melodic songwriting, but essentially, its 1990 sound production. Think Damn Yankees’ debut, Bad Company’s ‘Holy Water’ or even Survivor, just more bluesy.
The original CD release always has sounded very good to me, however this fresh Japanese remaster on SHM-CD is a step above, fuller.
Highly Recommended

You’ve seen it first here, at 0dayrox

Universal Japan UICY-78573 【LTD SHM-CD】

01 – The Sound Of Your Voice
02 – Signs Of Love
03 – Last Thing I Ever Do
04 – You Definitely Got Me
05 – Rebel To Rebel
06 – Bone Against Steel
07 – You Be The Dam, I’ll Be The Water
08 – Jimmy Gillum
09 – Tear It Up
10 – Don’t Wanna Get It Dirty
11 – Burning Bridges
12 – Can’t Shake It
13 – Treasure

Donnie Van Zant – vocals
Jeff Carlisi – guitar
Danny Chauncey – guitar
Max Carl – keyboards, vocals
Jack Grondin – drums
Larry Junstrom – bass
guest musicians;
Jack Blades – background vocals
Brian Howe – background vocals
Robert White Johnson – background vocals
Michael Hoskin, Larry Jackson – horns
Scott Meeder – percussion, cymbals
The Six Groomers – background vocals


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