McAULEY SCHENKER GROUP - M.S.G. [SHM-CD Remastered]  full

As part of the 3 McAULEY SCHENKER GROUP albums fully remastered by Universal Japan and pressed on SHM-CD, here comes the duo’s third effort entitled with their initials “M.S.G.”
All the 3 McAuley Schenker Group albums are great, but this “M.S.G.” (originally released December 1991 in Japan / February 1992 in Europe) is my absolute favorite.

The main reason is the complete songwriting – not a weak track in sight – Schenker is on fire, the new rhythm section of talented James Kottak on drums and Dokken’s bassist Jeff Pilson just rocks, and production delivers everything you want in a Melodic Hard Rock album: huge, glossy, magnificent.
The other reason… it includes, in my opinion, one of the greatest songs the genre had to offer: “When I’m Gone”.

“M.S.G.” is certainly a harder, grittier affair than the previous McAuley Schenker releases.
Throughout the entire album, Michael Schenker delivers a long string of guitar heroics. His unique playing style flavored by classical guitar elements is one of this collaboration’s most standout factors.
On opener “Eve” as example, Michael sounds possessed by the Devil. “Paradise” follows the same path with a big rockin’ groove, “This Broken Heart” is plenty of guitar stabs all over, while “Invincible” rocks with sharp riffs.

But McAuley Schenker Group still retains their melodic rock heart like on the aforementioned “When I’m Gone”, a stupendous ballad, the AORish catchy midtempo “This Broken Heart” or the classy “What Happens To Me” (akin Scorpions).
“We Believe In Love” include such infectious melody and harmony lines that grab the listener by the first chorus and will have them singing along by the second.

Others, such as “This Night Is Gonna Last Forever” (another personal favorite), feature some striking vocal melodies that drive an otherwise very good instrumental into a standout romanticized power ballad.
Michael Schenker takes charge on the album’s closing track, “Never Ending Nightmare”. He puts down the electric guitar, picks up an acoustic and delivers a poignant riff that bears some significant resemblance to Michael’s earlier outings in UFO, while McAuley soars all over. Killer track.

If you’re looking for a Melodic Hard Rock album that has it all, features an all-star lineup of musicians and showcases a compositional depth, you cannot go wrong with this lost classic.
This latest Japanese remaster on SHM-CD of “M.S.G.” is excellent, and at a special price of U$D 15 is a steal. Get yours now.

Universal Japan ~ 国内盤 | SHM-CD | UICY-25518

01 – Eve
02 – Paradise
03 – When I’m Gone
04 – This Broken Heart
05 – We Believe In Love
06 – Crazy
07 – Invincible
08 – What Happens To Me
09 – Lonely Nights
10 – This Night Is Gonna Last Forever
11 – Never Ending Nightmare
12 – When I’m Gone (Single Edit) [bonus track]

Robin McAuley – vocals
Michael Schenker – guitars
Jesse Harms – keyboards
Jeff Pilson – bass guitar
James Kottak – drums
additional musicians:
Steve Mann – keyboards on “Never Ending Nightmare”
Rocky Newton – backing vocals, songwriting


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  1. Dave Parisi says:

    Hello, do you by chance have Robin’s solo album from 1999, Business as Usual? It’s very, very hard to find. Thank you so much.

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