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BLACK ACES - Shot In The Dark [European CD version +3] (2016) full

New exciting albums are coming up this spring / summer, let’s check the most relevant advanced singles.
Legend WHITESNAKE has unveiled a now cut – “Trouble is Your Middle Name” – from their upcoming studio album, ‘Flesh & Blood’, which will be released on May 10 via Frontiers Music. The song is a furious rocker, showcasing the Coverdale’s band is far from being dead. Killer.

Every once in a while a new recording comes along with a line-up that makes your spine tingle, and here it is; “Attitude” the soon to be released debut album by the new super group LONERIDER. Not only does this quintet feature Steve Overland (FM, Shadowman), Steve Morris (Heartland, Shadowman) and Chris Childs (Thunder, Tyketto) but legendary drummer Simon Kirke of Free and Bad Company fame. “Rhythm Of Life” is the title of one of the advances.

After two celebrated albums, the project formed between Harem Scarem frontman Harry Hess and Swedish drummer / producer Daniel Flores, FIRST SIGNAL returns with a new work called ‘Line Of Fire’ that will be released next May by Frontiers and we can already hear an advance with the single “Tonight We Are The Only”.

English melodic hard rockers THE BRINK have made available another song – ‘Break These Chains’ – taken from their debut full-length studio album ‘Nowhere To Run’ on May 17th, 2019 through Frontiers Music. The band rocks, and this song is ridiculously catchy with ’80s inspiration.

Laurence Archer (UFO, STAMPEDE) and Peter Scallan (MORITZ) recorded an album together during the ’80s, but sadly the project disbanded soon. Now all these recordings are being released as ARCHER SCALLAN ‘L.A. Secrets’, as part of the ‘Lost UK Jewels Collectors Series’.
We have one track here, a keyboard-driven first class UK AOR tune next to STRANGEWAYS, FM, AIRRACE. Fantastic…

Speaking of ‘Lost UK Jewels Collectors Series’, DIVA was another great band deserving better luck. This Melodic Rock band from Sheffield was formed in 1988, and now some of their recordings have been released under the title ‘Taking A Chance’. Here’s one track titled ‘One Kiss’

Last year, DEGREED self-titled album opened new doors for the band and, shortly after the release, they spent a month on the road together with Swedish rockers H.E.A.T in Europe. Now the band is releasing the melodic new single titled ‘Born Under a Bad Sign’, and advance from their next album to be released later this year. Great tune.

Finnish hard rockers LEVERAGE have premiered another song – “Wind Of Morrigan” – from the upcoming album ‘Determinus’, out April 26th via Frontiers Music. It’s a very melodic song, with a strong guitar work.

U.K. rockers THE QUIREBOYS will release their new album ‘Amazing Disgrace’ soon, and here’s the advance ‘Seven Deadly Sins’. This is the sixth QUIREBOYS album in seven years but judging this advance, quality over quantity remains the mantra.

After the expanded reissue of their previous CD’s, Swedish hard rockers CRAZY LIXX are back with a new studio album titled ‘Forever Wild’, which is scheduled for release via Frontiers Music on May 17, 2019.
The band presented two singles, the kick ass ‘Wicked’, and the feel-good ‘Break Out’. But the latter single also gets a special release by Frontiers Music.
‘Break Out’ has been remixed by Synthwave artist Midnight Danger, and there’s the instrumental version too. Great stuff for ’80s suckers like me. These versions won’t be included into the CD.

01 The Brink – Break These Chains
02 Whitesnake – Trouble is Your Middle Name
03 Lonerider – Rhythm Of Life
04 First Signal – Tonight We Are the Only
05 Archer Scallan – Claudiette
06 Diva UK – One Kiss
07 The Brink – Save Goodbye
08 Degreed – Born Under a Bad Sign
09 Leverage – Wind of Morrigan
10 The Quireboys – Seven Deadly Sins
11 CRAZY LIXX – Wicked
12 CRAZY LIXX – Break Out
13 CRAZY LIXX – Break Out (Midnight Danger Synthwave Remix)
14 CRAZY LIXX – Break Out (Instrumental Remix)

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