DONNIE VIE – Wrapped Around My Middle Finger [Out Of Print]

DONNIE VIE - Wrapped Around My Middle Finger [Out Of Print] full

After the excellent new DONNIE VIE album featured here in exclusive, many of you asked for “Wrapped Around My Middle Finger” appeared few years ago, without a doubt among his finest.
The power and voice behind Enuff Z’Nuff, Donnie is a consummate songwriter of classic melodies that endure. On this CD, Vie dishes up some memorably addictive songs that tend to get stuck in your head for days at a time.
Despite released 2012, “Wrapped Around My Middle Finger” is out of print, with used copies being sold for over 300 Euros.

“Wrapped Around My Middle Finger” is a clear proof of Vie’s ability and talent to pen lovely tunes with incredible sense for melody and strong hooks. And when he’s focused as in this album, Donnie can marvelously sing fusing his own style with that Beatlesque influence that has been the signature of the man since his moment in the sun in 1989.

There’s some great feel-good and instantly likeable songs on this album — like “Lisa”, an uptempo melodic rocker penned to Donnie’s girlfriend who has to be given some credit for keeping him on the straight and narrow, “Rattle On”, which has such a catchy chorus and harmonies that will stay with you all day, and “Smokin Hot Lollipop”, which has been released before but gets its official place as the last foot tapper.

The title track is undoubtedly the heaviest song on the album, but in true Vie style it’s got a melodic verse before saving the onslaught for a heavy chorus loaded with harmonies. Follower “Wunderland” is more mellow, with Donnie’s delicious vocal performance taking the track to somewhere else that only he can achieve.
I guarantee you that “Lil’ Wonder” will capture you from the time Donnie sings ‘Open your heart’ with that very familiar raspy and haunting vocal that die-hard Enuff Z’Nuff fans love him for. It’s an incredibly deep ballad with quite an operatic feel.

There’s also a surprise guest appearance from Kip Winger on the massively harmonious “Now Ya Know”, and his vocal style actually works really well switching between him and Donnie to handle the pre-chorus before once again launching into a huge chorus. Great track that would fit perfectly into any Enuff Z’Nuff release.

For me, one of the stand out songs on this album is once again a ballad, “Daddy’s Girl”. I’ve always been in awe of Donnie and his ability to write ballads, he consistently produces these, and there are no throwaways… they’re all killers.
An endearing introduction brings in “It Won’t Let You Down” that evolves into what could imaginably become a live classic, before the opus ends on yet another high with the aforementioned “Smokin Hot Lollipop”, a song that has that foot tapping and head bopping element to it and is the perfect way to close this album.

DONNIE VIE - Wrapped Around My Middle Finger [Out Of Print] back

Alongside his new 2019 album, “Wrapped Around My Middle Finger” is the best Donnie Vie solo album to date, and as good as any of the goodies he has recorded with Enuff Z’Nuff. In fact, there are many occasions on this CD where the music can be compared with the early (and best) Enuff Z’Nuff albums.

The strongest points of “Wrapped Around My Middle Finger” is the solid songwriting and the very good production, with much more depth than previous Vie’s solo albums. In the past, Donnie’s releases haven’t had the big production, in fact they’ve been let down slightly, not by the songs themselves but by the lack of complete instrumentation (in example; drum machines). That problem doesn’t exist here, as his band is tight and organic, with a warm live feel.
“Wrapped Around My Middle Finger” is good, very good.
Highly Recommended

01 – Wrapped around my middle finger
02 – Wunderland
03 – Lisa
04 – Daddy’s girl
05 – Now ya know
06 – No escape
07 – Lil wonder
08 – Flames of love
09 – Rattle on
10 – I won’t let you down
11 – Smokin’ hot lollipop

Donnie Vie – vocals and guitar
Jimmy Maguire – guitar
Patrick Pulver – bass
Randi Scott – drums
Kip Winger – vocals, bass (5)


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