VON GROOVE – Test Of Faith [Japan Edition +2] Out Of Print

VON GROOVE - Test Of Faith [Japan Edition +2] Out Of Print full

As requested here’s VON GROOVE‘s album “Test Of Faith” in its hard to find Japanese edition, not only featuring a different album cover artwork, but also 2 bonus tracks. While “Test Of Faith” is rarely mentioned as their best work by Melodic Rock fans, personally it’s one of my favorites from them. It’s easily the band’s more AOR sounding effort, and one – if the not the best – written.

Overall, and despite of being released in the ’90s, Von Groove’s “Test Of Faith” sounds pretty Eighties, from production to arrangements approach. It’s some kind of mix between Firehouse, Danger Danger and Giant, yet with that typical ‘Canadian touch’.
There’s still bright rocking melodic numbers in the title track and ‘Rock & Roll Station” recalling their awesome debut, however it’s in the AOR tunes where this CD finds its personality.

I find a Harem Scarem feel on ‘It Should Have Been Me’, then the wonderful AOR bliss of ‘I Saw The Light’ is what Dare could have penned. ‘Foolin’ Yourself’ is more ‘Americanized’ in a Danger Danger type, then ‘Back In Love Again’ is a delicious ballad which should’ve been a hit in 1989.
‘Tell It To Me’ brings to mind Giant first LP, and tell me if ‘Only Love’ doesn’t has a Journey / The Storm melody to it.

VON GROOVE - Test Of Faith [Japan Edition +2] back

Japanese exclusive bonus tracks include the power ballad ‘April May’ which is like a Nelson / Fair Warning crossroad, and ‘Calling The World’ rocks in a mid-paced groove akin Hardline.
Honestly I scratch my head when some Melodic Rock / AOR fans say “Test Of Faith” isn’t as good as Von Groove’s self-titled debut. This LP is very close in quality, even there’s better songwriting if you ask me.
Taken from my own CD.
HIGHLY Recommended


Avex / Bareknuckle Japan 【AVCB-66066】
ヴォン・グルーヴ* ‎– テスト・オブ・フェイス

01 – Test Of Faith
02 – It Should Have Been Me
03 – I Saw The Light
04 – Foolin’ Yourself
05 – Back In Love Again
06 – Tell It To Me
07 – Anything For My Baby
08 – Back In Love Again
09 – One Love
10 – Rock & Roll Station
11 – April May
12 – Calling The World

Michael Shotton – vocals, drums, percussion, keyboards
Mladen – guitars, vocals
Matthew Gerrard – bass, keyboards, vocals


Out Of Print

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