ZEBRA – No Tellin’ Lies [Japan remaster SHM-CD] Out Of Print

ZEBRA - No Tellin' Lies [Japan remaster SHM-CD] full

Although listed as available at various stores, Rock Candy’s remastered release of ZEBRA‘s second album “No Tellin’ Lies” has been delayed, at least, in its distribution. A fellow reader of these pages noticed us that all-4 first Zebra albums just has been issued in Japan on a high quality SHM-CD format by a specialized label, remastered in conjunction with Zebra’s mastermind Randy Jackson.

This ‘Arcangelo Records : American Rock Series’ SHM-CD not only sounds awesome, it also reproduces the full original artwork (mini LP format) in a glossy package. Even includes the original protector sleeves of the original LP.
By the way, this album was issued on Compact Disc in 1984 made in West Germany for US Market, one of the first ever pressed on this format. Incredibly, it never was officially re-released, becoming one of the most rarest compact discs ever made.
“No Tellin’ Lies” remained out-of-print on single disc form for over 25+ years, only reissued in 2007 as a 2 on 1 CD – along with ‘3.V’ another Zebra album which has been deleted as well – and the sound left much to be desired.

Coming out of the speakers, on this SHM-CD Zebra’s “No Tellin’ Lies” never sounded better. This remaster is bringing out things I never heard on the original vinyl LP or cd, perfectly balanced with a superb dynamic range.

ZEBRA - No Tellin' Lies [Japan remaster SHM-CD] back cover

Talking about “No Tellin’ Lies” itself, this is a quality slab of Melodic Hard Rock.
Zebra’s debut rapidly achieved Gold status and set the scene for this follow up album promptly recorded and issued in 1984. Produced, once again, to exacting standards by Jack ‘Aerosmith’ Douglas, the band took up the challenge by showcasing a concise collection of tracks that easily outgunned their previous work.

Refining their powerful sound, the songs are both muscular and melodic, more catchy-chorus focused in a Melodic Hard Rock style & sound that started to emerge in the American scene and soon conquered the world.
We have awesome airwavers in the ripping “Wait Until the Summer’s Gone” and the unique, AORish “Bears”, while “I Don’t Like It” and “Takin’ a Stance” ring true and rock mightily. The mid-tempo ballad “But No More” simply stands as one of the trio’s best songs.

As said, this Japanese remaster SHM-CD of ZEBRA’s second album “No Tellin’ Lies” sounds million bucks. It’s not cheap, but worth every cent.
HIGHLY Recommended


01 – Wait Until The Summer’s Gone
02 – I Don’t Like It
03 – Bears
04 – I Don’t Care
05 – Lullaby
06 – No Tellin’ Lies
07 – Takin’ A Stance
08 – But No More
09 – Little Things
10 – Drive Me Crazy

Randy Jackson – Guitar, lead vocals
Felix Hanemann – Bass, keyboards, vocals
Guy Gelso – Drums, vocals
Stan Bronstein – Sax, Synthesizers
Michael Finlayson – Programming
George Small – Piano

ZEBRA - No Tellin' Lies [Japan remaster SHM-CD] cd photo

Out Of Print

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  1. alleyrulez says:

    awesome! I LOVE that album, doesn't get the respect it deserves, IMO.

  2. CLOUD FORCE says:

    Can you please re up it?thanks!

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