FORTUNE (MA) – Storyline… [Rare albums]

FORTUNE - Storyline... [Rare albums] full

Continuing with ‘Rare Albums’ requests here’s Massachusetts based melodic rockers FORTUNE and their second album “Storyline…”, released by themselves and now out of print. The album appeared in Japan as well via the now legendary label Brunette – one of the few releasing this type of Rock in Asia during the ’90s – but the track listing is the same, no bonuses.

Formed in the second half of the ’80s, for over two decades Fortune regularly packed a multitude of venues throughout New England. Hailing from Peabody, MA, this 6-piece band has long maintained a reputation for smooth three and four part vocal harmonies, dynamic and melodic textures of multiple guitars and keyboards, and tight rhythm section.
Over the years, Fortune has been privileged to open for bands such as Cheap Trick, Robin Trower, Bad Company, Jefferson Starship, Kansas and more.

As the opposite with many Melodic Rock / AOR bands from those years (1996), Fortune was not desperate to get a record deal. They known the grunge was established, and as since their origins they managed every aspect of their art by themselves, they did the same as with the debut CD; released “Storyline…” by themselves.
This domestic, USA pressing is even rarer than the Japanese version.

Still retaining the melody and multi-part layered vocal harmonies, “Storyline…” explores beyond the Melodic (Hard) Rock of Fortune’s debut album. It’s more varied in songwriting and styles.
“One Bridge I Should Burn” is a dynamic rocker with some Extreme on it (minus the funk), while ‘All Sold Out’ is pure TOTO circa 1991-93, Lukather fronted.

There’s a classic rock feel (including pianos, Hammond and acoustic guitars into the mix) for ‘Closest Friend’, they try some smooth pop in ‘Jamaica’, and we find an elaborated melodic rock ballad in ‘Just For One Day’ (one of my favorites).

Title track ‘Storyline…’ is another highlight, rich in the harmonies the band is known for, with a certain Nelson result in terms of sound.
With a track titled ‘Influences’ you now this is a pretty eclectic album, this song with TOTO scent too. Then ‘This Time’ is crystal clear AORish ballad, and I found a little proggy feeling in ‘Finally Arrived’, yet always melodic.

FORTUNE (MA) - Storyline... [Rare albums] back

“Storyline…” is the second and last album from Fortune, however the band is still active and play frm time to time for their fans. This is a more mature record, varied, and while not as instant as their debut, it grows in you with every listen.
Highly Recommended


01 – One Bridge I Should Burn
02 – All Sold Out
03 – Closest Friend
04 – Storyline
05 – Just for One Day
06 – Jamaica
07 – Influences
08 – This Time
09 – Latin Thing
10 – Reflection
11 – Finally Arrived

Bob Vose – lead vocals
Pete DiStefano – guitar, backing vocals
Bill Plourde – guitar, backing vocals
Jeremy Heussi – keyboards
Dickie Paris – drums
Rick O’Neal – bass
Kevin Brooks – bass, backing vocals on 1, 6


Out Of Print

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