WILLIAMS-FRIESTEDT – Williams-Friestedt [Special Edition +1]


TOTO singer Joseph Williams and acclaimed guitarist/songwriter Peter Friestedt team up for a new remarkable AOR release some years ago; WILLIAMS-FRIESTEDT.  The album combines Williams’ outstanding vocal performances with Friestedt’s top notch guitar work and superbly crafted arrangements. Only released on physical CD, it has become pretty hard to find.

“Williams-Friestedt” was produced by Peter Friestedt and co-produced by Joseph Williams with executive production handled by Joey Carbone; mixed by Ronni Lahti (Talisman, Lake Of Tears) and mastered by Björn Engelmann (Rammstein, Roxette).
The line-up includes guests such as former CHICAGO singer & keyboardist singer Bill Champlin, John “JR” Robinson, Randy Goodrum, Bill Cantos, Tommy Denander, Robert Säll & Lars Säfsund (Work Of Art), talented Swede Stefan Gunnarsson, and more.

WILLIAMS-FRIESTEDT – Williams-Friestedt [Special Edition +1] disc

Joseph’s extraordinary vocals beautifully shine with impeccable background vocals arranged by Joseph, Bill Champlin and Lars Säfsund (Work Of Art) all over these songs. His leads are more rough, mature than before, and that’s a good thing, as on many of the tracks this characteristic adds power and feel.

All tracks are superb, but maybe the super-melodic “Say Goodbye”, the rocking “Swear Your Love” or the smooth “Gotta Find It” are above the rest. Peter Friestedt is a genius on the guitar parts and overall arrangements.

This collaboration between the talented guitarist and the legendary vocalist is fantastic. “Williams-Friestedt” offers to all the classic AOR fans an album that could have easily been recorded in the ’80s by Toto themselves.
The quality factor on all departments, specially the excellent songwriting & production, raise this disc to the stratosphere.

WILLIAMS-FRIESTEDT – Williams-Friestedt [Special Edition +1] back

One of the most relevant AOR releases of the decade without a doubt. –
Highly Recommended


1. Swear Your Love
2. Say Goodbye
3. Sometimes You Win
4. Where To Touch You
5. Going Home
6. Stay With Me
7. One More Night
8. Gotta Find It
9. 9. Letter To God
10. Letter To God (Unplugged)

Joseph Williams – Vocals
Peter Friestedt – Guitars, Keyboards, Piano
Bill Champlin – Composer, Vocals (Background)
Tommy Denander – Bass, Composer, Guitar (Rhythm)
Bill Cantos – Bass, Keyboards, Vocals (Background)
Johan Franzon – Drums, Percussion
Rasmus Kihlberg, John “J.R.” Robinson – Drums
Ingemar Åberg – Guitar (Rhythm), Keyboards, Programming, Strings
Randy Goodrum – Composer, Piano
Johan Granström – Bass
Anton Malmberg – Keyboards
Tobias Marberger – Percussion, Strings
Robert Säll (Work Of Art) – Composer, Guitar, Piano, Programming
Lars Säfsund (Work Of Art) – Vocals (Background)
Jay Graydon – Composer
Stefan Gunnarsson – Bass, Guitar (Acoustic), Keyboards, Percussion, Piano, Programming, Vocals (Background)


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