THE NEW ROSES – Nothing But Wild (2019)

THE NEW ROSES - Nothing But Wild (2019) full

Really good German hard rockers THE NEW ROSES are back with their fourth studio album, ‘Nothing But Wild’, out on August 2. “The limit is the sky!” That’s not just a quote from furious opening track ‘Soundtrack Of My Life’ – it`s also a self-fulfilling prophecy in the case of The New Roses.

The guys have recently supported the Scorpions and got invited by rock gods KISS to their very own cruise, but with fourth album Nothing But Wild they actually climb the rock Olympus themselves.
Total pretension? Then you haven`t heard the killer melody carrying ‘Down By The River’, the sizzling ’80s licks of the title track, or the rugged ballad ‘The Bullet’.
“Nothing But Wild” simply is the ultimate love letter to classic US hard rock – and the real deal.

What can I say, I love this band, and this new CD. What an album it is, from the start this is from the heart, honest bluesy tinged hard rock ‘n roll. The songwriting throughout is consistently strong, there are harmonies and melodies aplenty and influences such as Aerosmith and Bon Jovi blend nicely with the bluesy hard rock feel.

“Soundtrack Of My Life” opens the proceedings with groove and swagger and is followed by the anthemic “Can’t Stop Rock & Roll”, a song that was made for stadiums.
Now, while “Nothing But Wild” does not contain even one second of weakness, “Down By The River” is the first of a trio of outstanding songs here, it is country tinged and extremely radio friendly.

The Southern soaked “Heartache” is the next and there are many established bands that would kill for a track like this in their repertoire.
Then we have “Glory Road”, with its soulful feel and echoes of an American desert road, this song is the one that can really separate The New Roses from their peers.

Throughout the album it is obvious that the band are influenced by Bon Jovi and “The Only Thing”, “Running Out Of Hearts” and the Jovi meets Thin Lizzy of “Unknown Territory” all showcase this.
The southern rock influences also shine through with title track “Nothing But Wild” reminding me of both The Quireboys and Lynyrd Skynyrd at times. “As the Crow Flies” is good, solid Southern hard rock whilst “Give & Take” has that big heavy groove to it, and contains an even bigger chorus.
The band add acoustic elements here as well, more evident in tracks “Meet Me Half Way” and “The Bullet”, particularly the latter.

The album closes with two fully unplugged / acoustic bonus tracks, “Down By The River” and “Fight You Leaving Me”, both sound immense and show exactly how good the band’s songwriting is, and how good they are rocking with distortion as no-plugged as well.
“Nothing But Wild” is a great album and should push The New Roses to the next level.
HIGHLY Recommended


01. Soundtrack Of My Life
02. Can’t Stop Rock N Roll
03. Down By The River
04. Nothing But Wild
05. Heartache
06. The Bullet; Running Out Of Hearts
07. Unknown Territory
08. As The Crow Flies
09. Give & Take
10. The Only Thing
11. Meet Me Half Way
12. Glory Road
Bonus Tracks:
13. Down By The River (Unplugged)
14. Fight Your Leaving Me (Unplugged)

Timmy Rough – Vocals / Guitar
Norman Bites – Guitar
Hardy – Bass
Urban Berz – Drums


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