TOOL – Ænima [Remastered 2019] *Exclusive*

TOOL - Ænima [Remastered 2019] full

It finally will happen; after innumerable delays, alt-prog-metal heavyweights’ TOOL got their fifth LP ready to be released at the end of the month, 13 years after their last studio album. But there’s more; finally all the band’s catalog has been remastered and it’s available digitally for the first time, 2019.
Titled ‘Ænima‘ (“ON-ima”), this is Tool’s second album, even more complex than the previous.

For almost 25 years Tool’s hasn’t been available for streaming. The band stated that they doesn’t wanted their work consumed in random pieces, that’s why it wasn’t available on iTunes or Spotify, and they never allowed its recording label to split up its songs into a Greatest Hits collection.
This has changed now… it’s 2019.

For this second release, Tool explore the progressive rock territory previously forged by such bands as King Crimson. However, Tool are conceptually innovative with every minute detail of their art, which sets them apart from most bands.
Make no mistake, this isn’t your father’s rock record. Sonically, the band has never sounded tighter. Long exploratory passages are unleashed with amazing precision, detail, and clarity, which only complements the aggressive, abrasive shorter pieces on the album.

There is no compromise from any member of the band, with each of them discovering the dynamics of his respective instrument and pushing the physical capabilities to the limit.
Topics such as the philosophies of Bill Hicks (eloquently eulogized in the packaging), evolution and genetics, and false martyrdom will fly over the heads of casual listeners.
But those listening closely will discover a special treat: a catalyst encouraging them to discover a world around them to which they otherwise might have been blind.

If these aren’t good enough reasons to listen to ‘Ænima’, then just trust the simple fact that Tool push the limits of the common prog metal / art rock, and delivers every time the band chooses to release something.
Tool’s four albums to date contain some of the richest, most immersive rock music of the past 25 years. And what should by all appearances be a cult band is actually a mainstream juggernaut: two of these albums debuted at Number One; and all are platinum certified.
If you never heard this band before, these 2019 remastered reissues are the perfect way to start.


01 – Stinkfist
02 – Eulogy
03 – H.
04 – Useful Idiot
05 – Forty Six & 2
06 – Message To Harry Manback
07 – Hooker With A Penis
08 – Intermission
09 – Jimmy
10 – Die Eier von Satan
11 – Pushit
12 – Cesaro Summability
13 – Ænema
14 – (-) Ions
15 – Third Eye

Maynard James Keenan – vocals
Adam Jones – guitar
Justin Chancellor – bass guitar
Danny Carey – drums, percussion, samples
additional musicians:
Marko Fox – vocals on “Die Eier von Satan”
Eban Schletter – organ on “Intermission”
Chris Pitman – additional synthesizer on “Third Eye”
David Bottrill – keyboards on “Message to Harry Manback”



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