LOVEMAKER – Lovemaker [FnA Records remastered] *0dayrox Exclusive*

LOVEMAKER - Lovemaker [FnA Records remastered] full

As requested, here’s New Yorkers LOVEMAKER and all their recordings compiled and remastered into one CD by FnA Records. While the album cover may put you aside, if you love the sound & feel of early KISS as well as early Glam rock acts from the 70s, then better listen to this album.
LOVEMAKER were New York’s most exciting band since the New York Dolls, and there’s some of the music from these crazy rockers into LOVEMAKER’s recipe. Add to that Nikki Sixx’s wardrobe & attitude circa 1983 and you have ‘Lovemaker’. And the best part of it is LOVEMAKER did all that between 1990-1996. Bad era for this type of music? They didn’t care, they just rock like hell. Watch the video below!
They were so good and unique that LOVEMAKER was courted by every major label (MCA, Warner Bros., Columbia, Geffen). Allshowed interest in the talent, but backed away as Lovemaker was a fabulous disaster that could crash and burn at any moment.

The band existed from early to mid-90s glam band that played extensively in the clubs of New York City and the surrounding areas. LOVEMAKER ruled the Limelight, CBGBs, Webster Hall, and Continental were all regular stops the way.
With an outrageous stage show, they quickly gained notoriety. Colorful backdrops, provocative costumes and glamorous make up were the foundation for rock anthems like “Bubblegum Lover” and “LUV NYC”.

While Lovemaker featured many drummers over the years, Guitarist / Vocalist Zane Fix and Bassist Kriss Teen were in the band from the beginning to the end. The band released three demo tapes, then released a CD/EP.
In October of 1996 LOVEMAKER crashed and burned amidst the recording of their debut album. Thirty years later, all that remains is this collection of dynamic, good quality recordings available here for the first time.
Fans of primal KISS, New York Doll, early Poison, etc need to check out these guys. Freaking fun stuff.
Highly Recommended

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01 – More
02 – Luvchild
03 – Movin’ On
04 – Sugar & Spice
05 – Turn Me On
06 – Nursery Rhyme
07 – Bubblegum Lover
08 – Goin’ Wild
09 – Just Say No
10 – One Cool Way
11 – LUV NYC
12 – Too Damn Young

Zane Fix – vocals, guitars
Kriss Teen – bass, vocals
Starr – drums



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