TOOL – Lateralus [Remastered 2019] *Exclusive*

TOOL - Lateralus [Remastered 2019] full

It finally will happen; after innumerable delays alt-prog-metal heavyweights’ TOOL got their fifth LP ready to be released at the end of the month, 13 years after their last studio album. But there’s more; finally all the band’s catalog has been remastered and it’s available digitally for the first time, 2019.
“Lateralus” is Tool’s third album, and one that would take Tool a step further toward art-rock and progressive rock territory.

For almost 25 years Tool’s hasn’t been available for streaming. The band stated that they doesn’t wanted their work consumed in random pieces, that’s why it wasn’t available on iTunes or Spotify, and they never allowed its recording label to split up its songs into a Greatest Hits collection.
This has changed now… it’s 2019.

After an exhaustive five-year litigation battle between the band and their label management, Tool delivered the latest chapter in their musical self-discovery with “Lateralus”, their third album.
This should be the most ‘prog rock’ effort in the band’s catalog, reminiscent of King Crimson and Meddle-era Pink Floyd in its concept, and musically with a hint of Rush mutated with Tool’s signature sonic assault on the ears.

“Lateralus” demands close listening from the first piece onward, as it becomes quickly apparent that this is not going to be an album one can listen only once time. Complex rhythm changes, haunting vocals, and an onslaught of changes in dynamics make this an album other so-called prog metal groups could learn from.

While some compositions seem out of place, others fit together seamlessly, such as the 23-minute song cycle serving as the climax and resolution of the album. However, “Lateralus” most disturbing moment arrives at the end, with dissonant electronic noises placed randomly with a drum solo over a phone call to a talk show discussing the secrets behind Area 51, once again serving as a symbolic gesture from the band encouraging people not to take things at face value and to think for themselves.
Overall, a solid, well-produced album from a band that never fails to deliver something original with each release.

Tool’s four albums to date contain some of the richest, most immersive rock music of the past 25 years. And what should by all appearances be a cult band is actually a mainstream juggernaut: two of these albums debuted at Number One; and all are platinum certified.
If you never heard this band before, these 2019 remastered reissues are the perfect way to start.


01 – The Grudge
02 – Eon Blue Apocalypse
03 – The Patient
04 – Mantra
05 – Schism
06 – Parabol
07 – Parabola
08 – Ticks & Leeches
09 – Lateralus
10 – Disposition
11 – Reflection
12 – Triad
13 – Faaip De Oiad

Maynard James Keenan – vocals
Adam Jones – guitar, art director
Justin Chancellor – bass guitar
Danny Carey – drums, percussion, samples



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