GEOFF MOORE (feat Dann Huff) – Over The Edge [Digitally Remastered +1] (2021)

GEOFF MOORE (feat Dann Huff) - Over The Edge [Digitally Remastered +1] (2021) full

All the ’80s, first three albums from GEOFF MOORE have been remastered, this one, “Over The Edge“, for the first time released on CD plus a bonus track.
“Over The Edge” is Geoff’s second album, and our favorite. It was 1986, he had the entire WHITE HEART band as session musicians – including future GIANT founder Dann Huff – so expect the catchy, crystal clear US mid-Eightes AOR songwriting & production sound.

It can be easily considered as a WHITE HEART / pre GIANT album, with Geoff Moore singing lead vocals. There’s more rocking tunes than on the other Moore albums, and of course your classy 1986 keyboard / synth runs on many songs plus that kind of harmony layered choruses.

GEOFF MOORE (feat Dann Huff) - Over The Edge [Digitally Remastered +1] (2021) back

This fresh remaster sounds million bucks. Be aware there’s fake versions floating the web. This is the actual remastered CD.
HIGHLY Recommended


01 – Tear Down the Walls
02 – Marianne
03 – Why Should the Devil Have All the Good Music
04 – Lost or Found
05 – Over the Edge
06 – Make Up Your Mind
07 – Love the One You Live In
08 – Rock Steady Believers
09 – Tough Love
10 – Nothing But Holy
11 – Why Should the Devil Have All the Good Music

Lead Vocals – Geoff Moore
Guitar – Dann Huff (Giant, White Heart)
Bass – Gary Lunn (White Heart)
Drums – Chris McHugh (White Heart)
Guitar – Gordon Kennedy (White Heart)
Keyboards – Tommy Dorsey, Phil Naish
Organ – John Slick
Backing Vocals, Songwriting – Mark Gersmehl (White Heart)
Backing Vocals – Billy Smiley, Marty McCall, Rick Florian



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3 Responses

  1. Rfss says:

    Wonderful! Any chance to get Fighter’s “The Waiting” (2019 remaster)?

  2. Scupp says:

    Great post mate. Does sound quite White Heart-esque but the production (or remastering) does sound excellent. Many elements of the West Coast sound in here as well. AND yes, you can hear Dann Huff’s guitar strokes all over the place and very few players are as clinical as Mr. Huff.

    Worth a listen if you’re into the well produced 80s AOR sound.

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