RADAR (US) – R P M [AOR Heaven / Kivel release]

RADAR (US) - R P M [AOR Heaven / Kivel release] full

One of you requested the ‘other’ RADAR, this band based in America and their only album “R P M” playing classic female fronted melodic hard rock plenty of crunchy guitars, keyboard slashes, and soaring vocals courtesy of Pamela Moore – the voice of Sister Mary on Queensryche masterpiece Operation Mindcrime.
Take some WITNESS, the hard side n’ hooks of VIXEN & HEART, the melody of DANTE FOX & SARAYA, and you come pretty close to RADAR’s sound and style.

Rocking, catchy uptempo cuts such as ‘Yours Tonight’ and ‘Lookin’ For Love’ ensure the energy levels are set to stun. Midpaced tunes with a certain AOR feeling like ‘Somethings Goin’ On’ and ‘Win Your Heart’ are high on melody and musical interest.
Without doubt, Radar’s piece de resistance is the barnstorming ‘Shotdown’, where Russ Salerno’s keyboards spike in a similar fashion to FORTUNE or AVIATOR.

‘Celebration’ rocks with moving guitar work and top keyboard runs, for an anthemic song full of 80s magic. We have a killer ballad in ‘Mirror Mirror’ where Pamela’s vocal shine, the ‘Win Your Heart’ is another little melodic hard rock gem.
Another strong ballad is found in ‘In Your Eyes’, still with a pulsar hook.

Fantastic 80s-style female-fronted melodic hard with an AOR spirit is what you’ll find here. RADAR’s “R P M” is an essential piece in your collection for fans of this type of music.


01 – The Power Of Money
02 – Yours Tonight
03 – Mirror Mirror
04 – Lookin’ For Love
05 – Shotdown
06 – Celebration
07 – In Your Eyes
08 – Rockin’
09 – Something’s Goin’ On
10 – Win Your Heart

Pamela Moore – vocals
Debbie Michaels – guitar, backing vocals
Scott Novello – bass, backing vocals
Russ Salerno – keyboards, backing vocals
Steve Salerno – drums



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