AGE STEN NILSEN (Ammunition, Wig Wam) – Crossing The Rubicon (2019)

AGE STEN NILSEN (Ammunition, Wig Wam) - Crossing The Rubicon (2019) full

Norwegian rocker AGE STEN NILSEN is releasing his fifth solo album “Crossing The Rubicon”, entirely sung in English. Best known for his melodic hard rocking bands Ammunition, and years ago Wig Wam.
The album is properly titled – the expression means a risky step ahead – as Nilsen go here for his love of Classic Rock, happy-pop with the ’60s spirit, campfire-like songs with non traditional instruments, and some rock tunes, of course.

To be honest, we at this blog didn’t like Nilsen’s previous solo album, acoustically based and with some lyrics in his native language. “Crossing The Rubicon”, while not the regular hard / melodic rock featured here, it’s a joyful, gentle recording.
Nilsen starts the record with ‘Ease My Closure’, a piano ballad. Since the start, a brave move, as this type of songs are usually placed at the on of a CD. It’s a very good, emotional ballad, showcasing the singer’s vocal colors.

‘Crossing The Rubicon’ is a rocker with cool classic rock guitars and organ runs, ‘Ghost on the Wall’ adds a Celtic touch yet in uptempo mode, while ‘A Love Like Our’ brings to mind Donnie Vie last solo album.
In fact, the overall atmosphere in this album reminds me of Donnie Vie indeed.
‘Into the Great Unknown’ is one of the highlights here, an extremely melodic song with some ELO / Jeff Lynne on it, and the chorus is irresistible.

Personal, organic, classic rock oriented, “Crossing The Rubicon” shows the other side of Åge Sten Nilsen, a much more wider and interesting artist than just a melodic hard rock pony.
The album is highly enjoyable from start to finish, with songs around the 3 minute mark, all melodic and well recorded / produced.
Highly Recommended


01 – Ease My Closure
02 – Crossing the Rubicon
03 – Ghost on the Wall
04 – A Love Like Our
05 – Into the Great Unknown
06 – Baby Don’t Be Leave
07 – Need Him Now
08 – Fire Meets Fire
09 – Jupiter and Venus
10 – House on Fire
11 – What’s My Name
12 – One of You Own



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