Do you like Toto-ish melodies? Do you want to listen to songs of that ilk composed in the very early ’90s style? MIKE DELLA BELLA PROJECT‘s new album “One” is for you then. With songs capturing the essence of that era when melodies ruled and you actually was able to listen real musicians, “One” is pleasure from track #1 to #11.

Italian Michele Della Bella (a.k.a. Mike Della Bella), approached music in 1977 when he was given a guitar at the age of 12; by then he formed his first band discovering himself as a talented songwriter. In 1986, after writing many good songs and performing in Rome, he decided it was time to rise to the next level, founding the Joint Stock Company, challenged and supported by musical director Faber Farina.
After two albums which confirmed Mike’s talent in songwriting, in early ’90 Mike decided to quit working with bandmates by starting a new life as songwriter.

After having set up his private recording studio he started writing songs over songs, many of these remained unperformed due to the lack of a band; many others found their place in a new project called Stamina which released an album in 1994 having great reviews in the USA.
After that Mike stopped writing music due to his professional career (architect) which was always more demanding in working time.

But some years ago Farina secretly went over the tape cassettes he and Mike recorded in the early 90s. Listening again to all his old songs that he kept buried somewhere in his mind, challenged Mike to release a real record not only for his personal satisfaction but for the world-wide audience.
The Mike Della Bella Project began …

Getting in touch with some of the most refined musicians from the Italian scene, Della Bella & Farina stated to re-arrange these Nineties songs to suit the female vocals of delicate singer Nanà Petrossi, helped by exquisite keyboardist Mauro Scardini and smooth guitarist Daniele Trissati – a talented guy from the Lukather / Friestedt / Robben Ford school.

The result is “One”, a collection songs with an ’80s vibe in the style of Toto, Lava and more recent acts such as Beyond Imagination or State Cows.
Ranging from poppy AORish tunes like ‘Turn You On’ or ‘Until A Better Day’ to pure Toto-like classic rockers such as ‘Challenge the Sky’ and ‘It’s Just Desire’, there’s a lot to enjoy here.
On ‘Unchain My Life’ we hear a more rocking melodic approach bringing to mind female fronted acts from the late ’80s, as well as on the joyful funky ‘I Won’t Follow You’.

It’s all classy stuff here on “One”, served with that pristine production of yesteryear but updated, fresh in dynamics. Good taste, really good songs and strong performances in a very well rounded albums plenty of melody.
Highly Recommended


01 – Turn You On
02 – Until a Better Day
03 – Challenge the Sky
04 – Hot Stuff
05 – Unchain My Life
06 – A 1000 Ways to Say I Love You
07 – Demanding Life
08 – It’s Just Desire
09 – She’s a Dream
10 – Time
11 – I Won’t Follow You

Nanà Petrossi – lead vocals
Chiara Stroia – lead vocals on track #9
Daniele Trissati – guitars
Mauro Scardini – keyboards
Francesco Isola – drums
Marco Pistone – bass
Frank Polucci, Valentina Tramacere, Veronica Monaco, Raffaella Monza, Francesca Pariboni – background vocals



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