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MOTORHEAD - 1916 [HNE Remastered Expanded Edition +2] full

Requested here several months ago, here’s the Hear No Evil / Cherry Red remastered Expanded Edition of MOTORHEAD‘s album “1916“, which despite of being released few years ago went sold out soon and it’s very hard to find now.
Released at the beginning of 1991, this is the band’s ninth studio album, their first for major label Epic, and their first new album in almost four years. It was Motorhead’s first record to make a dent on the US Billboard charts. Marking Lemmy’s relocation to Los Angeles, “1916” was nominated for a Grammy Award.

For years, Motorhead’s career roared along like a raging juggernaut, as fast as the songs they were famous for writing. But when the venerable metal godfathers unleashed “1916” on Jan. 21, 1991, four long years had passed since their previous offering.
For a band known for hammering out new material on a yearly basis, this was unheard of. Part of the delay was the result of recording contract with an independent-label owned by a manager in whom they’d lost all trust. There were also personal distractions — none larger than band leader Lemmy Kilmister’s decision to abandon London for Los Angeles, where he would quickly make himself at home, become a fixture on the Sunset Strip and live out his days.

However, in 1990 Motorhead’s fortunes were turning, thanks to the support of new manager Phil Carson (an industry legend who had worked with Led Zeppelin, AC/DC and many others) and the group’s first major-label contract with Epic. The time was ripe for Lemmy, guitarists Wurzel / Phil Campbell, and drummer “Philthy Animal” Taylor to start compiling the songs that would make up “1916”.

MOTORHEAD - 1916 [HNE Remastered Expanded Edition +2] disc

Many old fans of the band were worried about the new ‘American base’ of Motorhead, and if they would change the musical style to more ‘Californian sound’. But the Lemmy keeps focused, and while “1916” is more polished in production and should be one of the band’s most diverse albums, the re-location of the group hadn’t made its sledgehammer approach any less appealing.
As sobering as his reflections on the horrors of World War I are on the title song, Lemmy is unapologetically amusing on “Going to Brazil” or “Angel City” (an ode to the “beautiful” party people of L.A.).
Whether the subject matter is humorously fun or more serious, Motörhead is as inspired as ever on “1916”.

Alongside familiarly crafted Motorhead bangers like the relentless “I’m So Bad (Baby I Don’t Care)” and a the dirge-like “Nightmare / The Dreamtime,” fans found a ballad, “Love Me Forever,” and a title track that was all stark synthesizers and a cello backing a shockingly vulnerable Lemmy vocal.
Other songs include the catchy “No Voices in the Sky”, and the rocking, punchy opener “The One To Sing The Blues”.

MOTORHEAD - 1916 [HNE Remastered Expanded Edition +2] back

“1916” doesn’t quite have the legendary reputation of Ace Of Spades or Overkill, but it’s a very strong collection of tracks all the same. The album’s stylistic variety does an excellent job of highlighting sides of the band not often seen before. It’s not only an essential listen for fans and casual listeners alike, but also an effort that’s fun to throw in the face of the hacks who think that Motorhead albums all sound alike.
This is a very good remaster by HNE, including a complete booklet with lyrics, rare images & memorabilia, released with the input from Motorhead expert Mick Stevenson, and featuring as bonus two non-album tracks ‘Eagle Rock’ and ‘Dead Man’s Hand’.
Highly Recommended

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01 – The One To Sing The Blues
02 – I’m So Bad (Baby I Don’t Care)
03 – No Voice In The Sky
04 – Going To Brazil
05 – Nightmare / The Dreamtime
06 – Love Me Forever
07 – Angel City
08 – Make My Day
09 – R.A.M.O.N.E.S.
10 – Shut You Down
11 – 1916
12 – Eagle Rock
13 – Dead Man’s Hand

Lemmy Kilmister – vocals, bass
Phil Campbell – guitar
Würzel – guitar
Phil “Philthy Animal” Taylor – drums


Out Of Print

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  1. -= Sisters Of Mercy =- says:

    This album is so outstanding. I wish they had continued on that bath, as LEMMY had a killer soulful voice. By far their greatest record!

    thank you

    p.s.: if you haven’t heard LEMMY sing STAND BY ME, check out Baron ft. Lemmy and Dave Lombardo!!!

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