BOYS FROM HEAVEN – The Great Discovery (2020)

BOYS FROM HEAVEN - The Great Discovery (2020) full

The spirit of the great Eighties, captured in the modern studio; that is the essence of Danish melodic rock group BOYS FROM HEAVEN. The band, captivated by the FM radio sound of the late Seventies and early Eighties – with stadium rockers like TOTO and JOURNEY – write, record and perform epic and grandiose rock music featuring the likes of lush vocal harmonies, wide piano, and synth hooks, fiery guitar solos and an oh-so-smooth alto saxophone.
But the boys’ inspiration is not just confined to the era of reverb and Ray-Bans. Traces of the classic rock sound, are also present in the septet’s upcoming album “The Great Discovery“.


01. The Ascent
02. Green Fields
03. Sunshine Soul
04. Burning Like A Flame
05. A Fool’s Hope
06. Keep On Movin’
07. Memory
08. Only Child
09. Convictions
10. Old Days
11. Don’t You Cry
12. Worlds Apart
13. Smile

Chris Catton – Vocals
Esban Christensen – Guitar
Mads Schaumann – Guitar, Vocals
Soren Viig – Drums
Mads Noye – Keyboards
Morten Bille – Bass
Jonas Klintstorm – Saxophone


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