MATTADOR – Save Us From Ourselves [re-recorded 1994 / ‘International version’]

MATTADOR - Save Us From Ourselves [re-recorded 1994 / 'International version'] full

As requested, here’s a must listen rarity: “Save Us From Ourselves“, the re-recording of MATTADOR‘s album “Save Us From Ourselves” from 1991, a very hard to find private release.
MATTADOR hails from Puerto Rico, but I guarantee these guys doesn’t sound like Ricky Martin at all. Instead, this 5-piece play an awesome blend of hard rock with melodic progressive and some AOR waves all over the record.
Despite its indie origin, the production sound of this 1994 CD is great, with the album receiving rave reviews in Europe and Japan, achieving a cult status. This is the re-recording of the the original release from 1991.

You don’t see too many rock bands coming out of Puerto Rico do you? Well here’s one. And a really good one. It’s spectacular progressive melodic rock all the way. Musically really original, to mention some reference think Mr.BIG, EXTREME, the commercial side of QUEENSRYCHE and some DREAM THEATER circa ‘Images & Words’.

Singer Tony Collazo sings in perfect English, with a rich vocal texture ranging from Ted Poley and Gary Cherone, to Russell Arcara and… oh, in the more melodic songs… Steve Perry.
Guitarist Miguel Angel Rodriguez is second to none, delivering a hot killer technical rhythm guitar solos akin Paul Gilbert and DT’s John Petrucci. In keyboardist Leo Alvarez they also have a guy who can add colour and effect with classic ’80s synths.

Their melodic progressive attitude is exemplified on the opening track ‘Fear (HIV)’, mixing musical power with news broadcast voiceovers describing all the various viral epidemics. Very current song by the way.
And MATTADOR are extremely good composing midtempo songs / ballads, elaborated and with that ‘metal magic’ class on it. One of the best is the delightful ‘Tired’.
Some other tracks with impressive arrangements include ‘If You’re Gone’ and the title track.

One of my favorites is the ’80s flavored AORish ‘Hear Me Calling’, where Leo’s keyboards can be heard more distinctly through the solid guitar mix. All up though, it’s at the heavier end of the scale.
MATTADOR is still active, playing some shows from time to time, and certainly they deserved major exposure.
“Save Us From Ourselves” will surprise you; a vibrant record with imaginative melodies, great lyrics, and stupendous playing.
HIGHLY Recommended


01 – Intro
02 – Fear (HIV)
03 – Lost Souls
04 – If You’re Gone
05 – All Behind Me
06 – Tired
07 – Live Your Life Not Mine
08 – Save Us from Ourselves
09 – I Don’t Know Why
10 – Hear Me Calling
11 – Lying Eyes
12 – In and Out of Trouble

Tony Collazo – lead and background vocals
Miguel Angel Rodriguez – guitar, violin, background vocals
Rolando Ruly Kuan – bass, background vocals
Leo Alvarez – keyboards, guitar, background vocals
Carlos Benitez – drums, percussion, background vocals


Out of print

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  1. anonymous says:

    wow, many thanks for this, great!!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    It remainds me a lot with BABE BLUE, a short live band that released an EP in 87.

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