TIMELESS HALL – Timeless Hall +3 [Digitally Remastered] (2021)

TIMELESS HALL - Timeless Hall +3 [Digitally Remastered] (2021) full

Danish band with American vocalist, TIMELESS HALL recorded & released by themselves this self-titled debut disc back in 1994. Now founder member / guitarist Arne Lunde is reissuing the album fully remastered via his own studio recording company / label Unique Sound Image Factory including as bonus TIMELESS HALL’s 3-track promotional only EP from 1996.
This album proves to be more than a ‘collectors item’, but an elaborated bunch of strong songs something like QUEENSRYCHE meets SAIGON KICK.

Indeed these guys had a lot of 80s QUEENSRYCHE influences, and also CRIMSOM GLORY on a couple of more metallic tracks. But they also added to their sound a melodic sheen with an Americanized approach which at places reminded me of SAIGON KICK.
Songs are varied, some with interesting intros, others with shift of pace and acoustic atmospheres, clever use of keyboards, and benefited by Drew Hart’s powerful pipes and native US language.

As example, a number like ‘Indians’ includes at least three song ideas into a single song.
Additionally, we have some very good solos to boot, and imaginative musicianship from all involved.
Well known Danish musician Michael Denner (Mercyful Fate, producer of some material of melodic rockers Fate, etc) helped into the studio, and while production isn’t the best in the world (the remaster helps to get a better sound), the quality material on offer is the remarkable thing here.
Highly recommended, unknown band / album.


01 – Insecure
02 – Anything Goes
03 – Five Years Later
04 – When I Bury You
05 – Lost Horizons
06 – Indians
07 – Sadness
08 – Everlasting Rush
09 – Truth Within
BONUS TRACKS (Promotional EP):
10 – True Love
11 – Of Shades and Sorrow
12 – Tears in the Rain

Drew Hart – vocals
Arne Lunde – guitar, keyboards, backing vocals
Chris Kjaer – bass, backing vocals
Frank Hansen – drums, piano, backing vocals
Betina Birk – backing vocals
Lars Mayland – additional guitar
Michael Brenner – keyboards, co-producer
Casper Munkebo – keyboards, backing vocals, engineer

Produced by Timeless Hall & Michael Denner (Mercyful Fate)



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