ACCEPT – I’m A Rebel [Japan SHM-CD remastered Ltd numbered mini-LP] Out Of Print

ACCEPT - I'm A Rebel [Japan SHM-CD remastered Ltd numbered mini-LP] full

To complete ACCEPT‘s early albums reissue here’s the out of print, Japanese remastered Ltd numbered mini-LP release of the band’s second effort, “I’m A Rebel“, pressed on SHM-CD.
The album finds Accept continuing to search for their musical direction, experimenting with a more commercial sound than on their debut, some kind oh Scorpions meets AC/DC. Bassist Peter Baltes once again sings lead vocals on two tracks, the slower-paced songs “No Time to Lose” and “The King”.
The title track was written by Alex Young, eldest brother of record producer and musician George Young and AC/DC guitarists Angus Young and Malcolm Young. The song became the basis for the band’s first music video and single.

”I’m a Rebel” gained some international distribution in the United Kingdom and United States on the small Logo and Passport labels, respectively. These international versions both depict a sword hilt on the cover, a more identifiably “heavy metal” image than the original German cover, which has a doorway-type shape encasing the band members superimposed on a picture of a crowded city street.
The Passport version simply titles the record ‘Accept’, as the band’s 1979 self-titled debut had not been released in America.

We are in 1980; the style is rock oriented metal. We could even talk about heavy rock more than heavy metal. You can justify this because of the hard rock influences found in this album; but forget this nice hard rock from people like Van Halen or ’70s Scorpions; Accept is dirty, Accept is pimp, Accept is heavier than those guys.
AC/DC could be a good reference here, but a far away one, more an attitude reference instead of a musical one.

Despite this ‘dirty’ attitude, they have melodic and catchy chorus (try “Save Us” or “China Lady”), which make them definitely a band to take notice of.
Every group member makes it work perfectly. Udo’s aggressive voice makes you headbanging till you’re exhausted.

Peter Baltes plays creativity nice bass lines, to make a fantastic combo with Kaufmann’s powerful drumming. “Save Us”, “China Lady” or “Do It” are good examples of this valuable bass work. He also sings the ballads of the album, “No Time to Lose” and “The King”. Wolf’s classical guitar backdrop for “The King” makes this a highlight.
These two ballads are outstanding, and Baltes work with the voice is really great, a nice contrast with Udo’s voice.

The guitars in the album are awesome as well. Hoffman plays catchy guitar solos, and Fisher’s rhythm guitar gives a great background’s atmosphere.
It’s hard to highlight some tracks above the rest. The album has eight strong songs of early 80s metal / hard rock. If you have to choose only one song, it would be “Save Us”: great bass playing, great guitars, great voice, great chorus, great all!

Well, there’s no need to say more: If you like classic metal, if you like slum-dweller pose, if you like the raw German hard rockin’ sound from the first Eighties, if you like sweet but powerful ballads, if you enjoy with all of that, get this album now.



01 – I’m A Rebel
02 – Save Us
03 – No Time To Lose
04 – Thunder And Lightning
05 – China Lady
06 – I Wanna Be No Hero
07 – The King
08 – Do It

Udo Dirkschneider – vocals
Wolf Hoffmann – guitars
Jörg Fischer – guitars
Peter Baltes – bass, lead vocals on 3, 7
Stefan Kaufmann – drums


Out Of Print

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