BONFIRE – Roots (2021)

BONFIRE - Roots (2021) full

Roots” is the title of the upcoming acoustic best-of album of Hard ‘n’ Heavy German legends BONFIRE, 2 CD’s with 24 songs, full of classics, reinterpreted in Bonfire’s unique manner.
Since there are still no live shows to the current last studio album, Bonfire decided to take it to heart: In summer 2020 they went to the “Flatliners Recording Studios” again to work on the album “Roots” in order to help the fans through hard times with new material.
They have been in business for 30 years and are far from getting tired, as heard on this vital recording.


CD 1:
01 – Starin’ Eyes (Almost Unplugged)
02 – American Nights (Almost Unplugged)
03 – Let Me Be Your Water (Almost Unplugged)
04 – The Price of Loving You (Almost Unplugged)
05 – Comin’ Home (Almost Unplugged)
06 – Ready 4 Reaction (Almost Unplugged)
07 – Give It a Try (Almost Unplugged)
08 – Sleeping All Alone (Almost Unplugged)
09 – Who’s Foolin’ Who (Almost Unplugged)
10 – Why Is It Never Enough (Almost Unplugged)

CD 2:
01 – Fantasy (Almost Unplugged)
02 – When an Old Man Cries (Almost Unplugged)
03 – Love Don’t Lie (Almost Unplugged)
04 – Lonely Nights (Almost Unplugged)
05 – Under Blue Skies (Almost Unplugged)
06 – You Make Me Feel (Almost Unplugged)
07 – No More (Almost Unplugged)
08 – The Devil Made Me Do It (Almost Unplugged)
09 – Without You (Almost Unplugged)
10 – Your Love Is Heaven To Me
11 – Piece of My Heart
12 – Youngbloods
13 – Our Hearts Don’t Feel the Same
14 – Wolfmen


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