REDD BARRON – Sands Of Time (2021)

REDD BARRON - Sands Of Time (2021) full

So many bands over the past decades have been lost to the sands of time with their numerous demos and unreleased songs being forever unknown to would be fans. Chicago-based REDD BARRON are a perfect case as their late ’80s / early 90s recordings never were released back in the day.
It was three years ago when these tracks were compiled and finally released, which lead to REDD BARRON reunite and perform at the annual ‘Legions of Metal Festival’ in Chicago. The idea to record a new album surfaced, and now we have “Sands Of Time” to be released this weekend.
The album consist of 11 tracks written back in the late 1980s /early 90s and finally recorded properly over 2019. So expect that classic US metal / Hard Rock sound from the era here, with elements of Armored Saint, early Queensryche, Stryper, etc.
Really well done, timeless stuff


01 – King of the Hill
02 – The Edge
03 – Shadow Man
04 – Not Enough Time
05 – The Game
06 – Sands of Time
07 – Same Old Story
08 – Full Circle
09 – Nightmare
10 – Caution to the Wind
11 – Man with Two Faces

Brian Lee – Lead Vocals
Pete Alvarez – Guitars
Greg Eichelberger – Guitars
Rod Gardner – Drums
Frank Masterson – Bass

Pre order.

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    Nice touch with the sound samples bro.

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