SOUTHGANG : Tainted Angel [Japan Edition] Out of print

SOUTHGANG : Tainted Angel [Japan Edition] Out of print full

Perhaps SOUTHGANG arrived too late into the US melodic hard rock scene, but for sure they were among the best ‘new’ bands from the genre in the early Nineties. These guys literally had all the talent in the world, but they were simply overshadowed by the looming alt/rock explosion and silly label executives.
SOUTHGANG’s debut CD “Tainted Angel” is one of the better and unknown releases from the genre around that time, and certainly deserve a place in your collection.

What makes Southgang’s debut so enjoyable is the immense talent of guitarist Butch Walker, and the vocal prowess of front man Jesse Harte. These dudes combine to make this album an above the average “hair-metal” release, and it’s sad that they didn’t get a bigger chance to show how good they are crafting a catchy tune.

The record boasts some pretty memorable melodic hard rock tunes. “Boys Night Out,” title track “Tainted Angel,” “Love Ain’t Enough,” “Russian Roulette,” and “Love For Sale” are all favorites, easily among the best rockers in this musical style circa 1990-91.
With Desmond Child involved into production advice and songwriting / arrangements, you can’t go wrong with SOUTHGANG’s “Tainted Angel”.
Highly Recommended


01 – Boys Nite Out
02 – Love For Sale
03 – Georgia Lights
04 – Love Ain’t Enough
05 – She’s Danger City / Seven Hills Saloon
06 – Tainted Angel
07 – Big City Woman
08 – Shoot Me Down
09 – Russian Roulette
10 – Aim For The Heart
11 – Groove Bucket

Jesse Harte – lead & backing vocals
Butch Walker – guitars, backing vocals
Jayce Fincher – bass
Mitch McLee – drums


out of print

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