JESSE HARTE of SouthGang : Byte The Bullet + Demos + Live (2021) *EXCLUSIVE*

JESSE HARTE of Southgang : Byte The Bullet + Demos + Live (2021) *EXCLUSIVE* full

This new release entitled “Byte The Bullet + ’93-94 + 2000 Demos + Live” features many projects through the career of JESSE HARTE, the front man of Los Angeles-based hard rockers SouthGang whom early 90s album ‘Tainted Angel’ album is regarded as one of the best from the era.
The CD most notably feature is the highly sought after Pre-Southgang band called Byte The Bullet. Byte The Bullet has long been on many music collectors wish list for decades. It finally sees an official release with everything they recorded plus Harte’s solo stuff and a couple of Southgang hot live tracks.

Formed by lead vocalist Jesse Harte, guitarist Butch Walker, bassist Jayce Fincher, and drummer Mitch “Slug” McLee, SouthGang was active between the late 1980s and early 1990s. The band’s original name was Byte The Bullet, which was changed to SouthGang before they released their first album, ‘Tainted Angel’.
The band is best remembered for their 1991 single / video “Tainted Angel,” which received MTV airplay, especially during Headbanger’s Ball.

This compilation also include demos from Jesse after SouthGang disbanded. These are tracks that start as early as 1993-1994 showing the continuation of the fan favorite singer. Some of these songs may have even found their way onto a third release of the band had grunge not made its way into the mainstream.

JESSE HARTE of SouthGang : Byte The Bullet + Demos + Live (2021) back

Other 2000’s songs shows maturation with a new sound from Jesse. He was trying to find his own style at the same time he was wishing to restart a short-lived project entitled Southgang 2.0.
Warrant’s Jani Lane gave a thumbs up to this material and co-wrote & perform vocals on some songs.
“Byte The Bullet + ’93-94 + 2000 Demos + Live” showcases the evolution of Jesse Harte, ranging from 80s melodic hard rock to sharper hard rockers and radio-friendly tunes. Sound quality is good, obviously from different sessions / production styles.
Highly Recommended

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01 – Byte The Bullet – Party Time
02 – Byte The Bullet – Tears
03 – Byte The Bullet – Russian Roulette
04 – Byte The Bullet – I’d Do Anything
05 – Byte The Bullet – Push
06 – Byte The Bullet – Let ’em Down Easy
07 – Jesse Harte – Do We Have A Dream
08 – Jesse Harte – Love Ain’t Comin’ Home
09 – Jesse Harte – Turn The Power On
10 – Jesse Harte – One Good Reason
11 – Jesse Harte – When You Need Someone
12 – Jesse Harte – Shining Star
13 – Jesse Harte – Learning To Live On The Moon
14 – Jesse Harte – Cross Of Mine
15 – Jesse Harte – Beautiful Destruction
16 – Jesse Harte – Clone
17 – Southgang – Tainted Angel (Live)
18 – Southgang – Love Ain’t Enough (Live)



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