FAITHFUL GRACE – A New Era (2021)

FAITHFUL GRACE - A New Era (2021) full

Swedish melodic hard rockers FAITHFUL GRACE have been around since 2009 playing the Scandinavian circuit and and sporadically recording some singles and an EP, but due the member’s busy schedule working as session musicians, producers and teachers, it was hard to materialize a full album.
With last year’s lock down the time has come, and FAITHFUL GRACE releases “A New Era“, an album packing classic songs from the genre (some written decades ago) with all that late ’80s / early ’90s feeling.
With a vocalist similar to Doggie White in style, classic twin rocking guitars and catchy melodies, musically FAITHFUL GRACE’s brings to mind Serpentine, Angeline, Phantom 5, Mats Leven’s Dogface, La Paz, etc.
Really good stuff.


01 – Devil In Disguise
02 – High On Believin’
03 – Get Off My Back
04 – Tear It All Down
05 – Tearing My Heart Out
06 – Said And Done
07 – Forever
08 – How Does It Feel

Vocals – Kenneth “Gesa” Syréhn
Guitars – Fredric “Fredda” Johansson
Guitars – Thomas Carlsson
Drums – Bengt Johansson
Bass – Sven “Svenne” Nowick



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