THE TUBES – The Completion Backward Principle [Iconoclassic Records Remastered +4] *0dayrox EXCLUSIVE*

THE TUBES - The Completion Backward Principle [Iconoclassic Records Remastered +4] *0dayrox EXCLUSIVE* full

Another THE TUBES album requested over and over again, here’s ”The Completion Backward Principle” in its Iconoclassic Records remastered plus four bonus tracks: all the B-sides from the album 7” singles and the follow-up single to the album sessions, ‘Sports fans’.
The Tubes’ first album for Capitol/EMI found them paired with up and coming producer and songwriter David Foster in search of a more commercial sound, including the likes of Steve Lukather as session player. Many of their previous A&M albums had been very strong but failed to ignite the charts or build much fan interest beyond their rabid cult.
”The Completion Backward Principle” changed all that with “Talk To Ya Later” (an AOR radio smash) and the chart success of the single “Don’t Want To Wait Anymore.”
Foster did his best to smooth out the jarring edges and polish the band without completely watering down their sound. The Tubes did their part by writing some tunes that sounded absolutely TOTO-ish, if TOTO ever contemplated amnesia, schizophrenia and late night B-Movies as song fodder.

Appeared in 1981, “‘The Completion Backward Principle” was the turning point for the band that yielded (albeit briefly) commercial success, this was proof that when you can’t be any more freaky you then have to do the freakiest thing possible; cut your hair and put on a suit. They did it and they managed to do it without betray their essence.
Yes it was WAY more polished but it was still complex and original and it was based around an ambitious concept that followed a theme that ran though the entire record. The power ballad and biggest hit on the album “I Don’t Want To Wait Anymore” might have turned some heads but it’s still a great piece of songwriting and Bill Spooner’s vocals are spot on.

The follow up single “Talk To Ya Later” is a classic. I fell in love with it the first time I heard it and still don’t get tired of it.
On the other hand,Foster wasn’t completely able to tame these yahoos. “Attack Of The Fifty Foot Woman” was sci-fi silly in a manner that only The Tubes could make credible, and the punchy “Mr. Hate” was the confrontation of a shattering personality that the band executed perfectly on stage.
The rest of the LP has a few low ebbs (“Let’s Make Some Noise” to me ain’t that great) but the album as a whole is a lot of fun and would make a killer soundtrack to your next ’80s Theme Party.

This version also throws in some bonus tracks never before available on CD such as “Gonna Get it Next Time” and “Sports Fans”. This band is always worth your time and attention and this wave of reissues is perfect for it.
HIGHLY Recommended


01 – Talk to ya later
02 – Sushi girl
03 – Amnesia
04 – Mr. hate
05 – Attack of the fifty foot woman
06 – Think about me
07 – A matter of pride
08 – Don’t want to wait anymore
09 – Power tools
10 – Let’s make some noise
11 – Tubes talk (B-side)
12 – What’s wrong with me (B-side)
13 – Gonna get it next time (B-side)
14 – Sports fans (standalone single)

Fee Waybill – Motivation, Frontman
Bill Spooner – Analysis, Guitar, Vocals
Michael Cotten – Trend, Synthesizers
Roger Steen – Development, Guitar, Vocals
Prairie Prince – Systems, Drums
Vince Welnick – Accounts, Keyboards, Vocals
Rick Anderson – Policy, Bass

additional personnel:
Steve Lukather – Guitar
Stanley Paterson – Sampled vocals
Bobby Colomby – Backing vocals (uncredited)
Bill Champlin – Backing vocals (uncredited)



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