WAYSTED – Vices +6 [Rock Candy Remastered & Reloaded] (2021) *EXCLUSIVE*

WAYSTED - Vices +6 [Rock Candy Remastered & Reloaded] (2021) *EXCLUSIVE* full

With a fully Remastered audio shaped from 24 bit digital technology, Rock Candy Records have just reissued Pete Way’s post UFO master blaster band WAYSTED and their debut “Vices“, including 6 bonus tracks.
Founder member of British legends UFO, Way left the band after twelve years, briefly forming Fastway with Motorhead’s ‘Fast’ Eddie Clarke (and soon bailing for contractual reasons) in 1982.
Immediately Pete founded his own band: WAYSTED, featuring singer Fin Muir, ex MSG and UFO guitarist / keyboardist Paul Raymond, former Def Leppard drummer Frank Noon, and young lead guitar player Ronnie Kayfield.
Waysted released their debut “Vices” the next year, one of the great early ’80s hard rock albums that few heard, sonically ahead of its time for the UK scene, defining the upcoming sound for the genre.

“Vices” is a unique sounding, rocking release considering the hard rock style in vogue in England around its time. In fact it shows some of the sounds starting to grow in the other side of the Atlantic that would become rapidly popular worldwide.
Actually, Waysted were truly pioneers in Europe of this new hard rock wave where the bluesy melodies were replaced by dynamic razor guitar riffs, pounding drums, fat bass lines and more catchy, gang-like choruses.

Nobody sang his guts out with such ferocity as the raspy, swaggering singer Fin Muir did back in those days. As usual, Pete Way’s solid and colorful bass playing is among the best in rock, and Frank Noon’s drumming / sound is huge here.
The big surprise is the astonishing and original lead guitar work of Ronnie Kayfield, a complete unknown entity then, who very sadly went to oblivion after “Vices” as Waysted went through several line-up during its existence.
Tracks such as ‘Women In Chains’, ‘Love Loaded’, ‘Toy With Passion’ and ‘Hot Love’ are explosive musical cocktails defining the sound and new era.

The final album was mixed at the Townhouse studios, but research in the Chrysalis archives revealed six songs which had been previously mixed at Maison Rouge studios. These unique versions are the bonus tracks here.
“Vices” is a killer hard rockin’ album. Good songs, gritty vocals, crunching guitars and smashing drums. This baby ROCKS.

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01 – Love Loaded
02 – Women In Chains
03 – Sleazy
04 – Night Of The Wolf
05 – Toy With The Passion
06 – Right From The Start
07 – Hot Love
08 – All Belongs To You
09 – Somebody To Love
10 – Love Loaded (Maison Rouge mix)
11 – Sleazy (Maison Rouge mix)
12 – Night Of The Wolf (Maison Rouge mix)
13 – Right From The Start (Maison Rouge mix)
14 – All Belongs To You (Maison Rouge mix)
15 – Somebody To Love (Maison Rouge mix)

Fin Muir – Vocals
Ronnie Kayfield – Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals
Paul Raymond – Rhythm Guitar, Keyboards, Backing Vocals
Pete Way – Bass, Backing Vocals
Frank Noon – Drums



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